Glad Corn - It Truly is an A-Maizing Snack!

Farmers Stan and Gladys Friesen came upon the recipe by accident.

Stan was trying out a new ethanol fuel mix on the stovetop and boom! Glad Corn snacks were born!

(According to press materials, apparently "Gladys is happy that the operation has finally moved out of the kitchen, although Glad Corn is still produced one batch of a time right there on the Friesen farm.")

It's a happy accident, because this delicious snack food tastes like popcorn with a toasted corn finish. At first, you might quickly dismiss it as just another weary attempt at a snack. But before you know it, your hand will be deep in the bag, scrounging around for any last morsels.

It's sure strange looking, but regular popcorn ain't winning any beauty contests, let me tell you. And it is natural, gluten free and has no trans fats. There are 4 flavours to choose from - Original, Jalapeno, Bar-B-Q and Gourmet Cheddar - and are available individually, in a gift box or variety packs.

Once you discover these strange and lovely corn explosions, you won't be able to stop.

Order yours now.

Stephanie Dickison

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