Dinner Just Got A Whole Lot Easier Thanks to DelGrosso Sauces

Despite being an avid cook and food-lover, I haven't been able to muster up much excitement about making dinner these days.

It's just too hot to labour over the stove for an hour or so.

That's why I'm forever grateful for DelGrosso Sauces. I can have the taste of homemade, without all the fuss and muss (Look, I love being at the stove more than anyone, but not without air conditioning...).

I love their Traditional Spaghetti Sauces - just toss with freshly cooked noodles, pour on top of chicken and bake or spoon over steamed vegetables for a light, yet flavourful meal.

And how smart is this - Pepperoni Flavoured Pizza Sauce! I love that nuanced meat flavour this has.

Chips and Salsa is a great snack for this hot weather, and as long as you don't mind getting your hands into it, Sloppy Joe Sauce makes dinner time not only easy, but a whole lot of fun.

DelGrosso also has some exciting new products available.

Shop now and have the delicious, yet effortless meals you've been craving.

Stephanie Dickison

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