You Look Amazing. Your Secret? beautyADDICTS New Lash Galore!

I wrote about loving beautyADDICTS back in 2007.

And now they are back with a fantastic new product, Lash Galore Mascara!

What makes it superfantastic is that it conditions your lashes, while making them look long and lush.

Formulated with Pro Vitamin B5 and Silk Protein, your lashes get the nourishment they've longed for, while you get that ultra sexy, long-lashed look without the clumping and flaking that usually goes along with most mascaras.

I think it's brilliant of beautyADDICTS to have it available in only 1 shade - Ultra Black - because really, isn't the look we're all going for lush, dramatic, can't-look-away eyes?

The other brilliance you'll find with Lash Galore is that you can reapply layers either right away or hours after you've applied your makeup! It won't resist or clump up your lashes like those drugstore brands. So say you've worked all day and you won't have time to go home before heading to an event - simply apply your makeup as you normally would, but this time, feel free to put another layer of Lash Galore on.

You won't look too Lady GaGa, I assure you! You'll just look polished and pulled together.

Oh, and don't forget DAMN GOOD too!

Stephanie Dickison

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