Sacs of Life Reusable Bags Are the Only Way to Shop!

Today I'm heading off the to market to stock up on food for the weekend.

Since I'm an urban girl and don't drive, I'll be taking transit and carrying everything home.

Usually I try and balance one big bag of stuff, and come home with a shoulder with a welt in it the size of New Mexico.

But I have since found a truly wonderful and inventive system that is the way I'll shop from now.

Sacs of Life allow you to carry a number of reusable bags in one "system." Each system includes an additional reusable shopping bag in the front pocket, so you are never without and can shop to your heart's content.

There are a number of different styles and prints to choose from, so whether you are food shopping, heading off to vacation or simply bopping about town, there is a system for you.

The Clipster is a great everyday system. This small pouch unzips into a large shopping bag with tons of room and long handles that make it comfortable to carry on your shoulders. You can use the clip to attach it to your purse or bag, making it always easily accessible. And when you're done, just fold and zip back into its little pouch. Easy peasy.

The Insulator must have been made especially for me. This 3 bag system holds the equivalent of 11-13 plastic bags of groceries.

See? They know me well. Have they been watching shop?!

And gosh it's nice not to have to rely on all that plastic.

I love the fact that the pouch opens to become a large insulated bag and includes a shopping bag and their signature expandable bag, all on one cool clutch (all polyester). But it's the huge insulated bag that's got me all excited! It keeps food warm or cold while you're traveling, so I can pack up a picnic lunch of homemade fried buttermilk chicken and assorted salads and desserts to the park with my fella or haul home (as I am known to do) a whack of assorted cuts of meat and fish to cook for friends, family and neighbours over the week.

The clutch format makes it easy to carry the 3 huge bags easily and sleekly (I want to look like a
lady, not a bag lady, thank you very much) and for once, a company has made bags that are big enough and suitable for a food-obsessed writer and cook!

Woo woo!

Oh, all Sacs of Life bags are PVC free, so you can cart home your fresh food safely.

Thank you, Sacs of Life. I can't wait to get to the market!

Stephanie Dickison

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