Redicover Soft Skin with Fruits & Passions' Nourishing Collection!

Fruits & Passion has just introduced 2 new exciting body care products featuring concentrated plant oils to its Nourishing Collection.

For their key ingredients, Fruits & Passion "drew inspiration from the strict adherence of the Nourishing Collection's sustainable development criteria of authenticity and ethical harvesting." The collection includes a ton of natural-source ingredients and stays away from silicone, parabens, sulphates, mineral oils and colourings.

Nourishing Dry Oil for Body and Hair is made out of 32% plant oils and yet, is not at all oily. I don't know how they do it, but you spray the oil on and you get this silky, soft feeling, without any greasy residue. It won't stain your clothes like other oils either. And you can use it in your hair too, which makes it unbelievably soft. How cool is that?

And it smells amazing - like floral coconut. Like summer.


And you've got to try the Nourishing Body Scrub that contains 90% natural-source ingredients. Your rough skin is sloughed off and you are left with rich, soft, silky skin, thanks to natural ingredients like essential fatty acids, salt particles, bamboo, coconut powder, avocado and argan.

It's bare skin season, folks. What better time to nourish your skin!

Stephanie Dickison

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