Put Pork on Yer Fork with Bacon Hot Sauce!

I think it's safe to say that bacon has taken over the food world.

And I have to say that as an extreme meat eater, this couldn't please me more!

So when I heard about Bacon Hot Sauce, I was pretty excited. I mean, now you can have bacon with your eggs without having to cook up bacon and deal with all that greasy mess. You can add a bacony heat to your homemade chili, meatloaf, potatoes, wings, whatever you've got goin' on in the kitchen.

It's got a smokiness that you won't get from bacon alone, and what's remarkable is not only that a little goes a long way, but there isn't actually any bacon in it, so vegetarians can enjoy the bacon flavours without compromising their values.

And for those of your watching your waistlines, you'd be please to know that a serving size (1 teaspoon) has 0 calories, 0g fat and 0g carbohydrates.

I have put it on my pasta, roast chicken, grilled vegetables and pretty much anything I make or bring home, and it always adds that extra oomph to my food that I crave.

I was thinking it would even be great on dark chocolate and in a Bloody Caesar!

If you love bacon as much as I do, you'll want to get yourself some Bacon Hot Sauce. While you're at it, get some for your friends as well.

After all, it's much too good to keep to yourself.

Stephanie Dickison

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