Discover the Amazing Pocketbook E-Reader

I know, I know.

You looove paper books, being able to feel it, to flip through it, to smell it even.

Me too, but you're going to love the convenience and ease of having an ebook reader.

I recently got the Pocketbook E-Reader and have to say, I think it's incredible!

You're not going to need to make any kind of transition or acquire any kind of new technological skills to use it. Just charge it outta the box and begin to enjoy a reading journey like no other.

There is much to love about my Pocketbook 301+:

At only 6.1 oz. and 3/8" thick, it is a delightfully light unit to carry - and lighter than the Kindle, which comes in at over 10 oz.!

The 6" E-Ink display gives you a nice page size and with 16 greyshades, you can see view text and pictures easily (read: no eye strain). I love that you can view things in both portrait and landscape mode - what fun!

And the Pocketbook supports a number of different E-book formats, so you can read just about anything! It supports Fb2,, TXT, PDF, RTF, HTML, PRC, CHM, DJVU, DOC, EPUB and TRC. It also supports the following image formats: JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF.

The Li-Polumer (1000 mAh)battery is incredible. You get 8000 page refreshes on a single charge. And in case you need more memory, there's a memory card slot (SD, SDHC card) and with the Standard Box, which is what I got, included is 1GB SD-card (as well as a cover, USB cable, adapter, user manual and warranty sheet), which is awfully nice. The 512MB of internal memory can store "up to 2,000 standard books in most popular formats," load it up!

There is audio out (2.5 mm stereo), so feel free to load up your Pocketbook with mp3s too, because why NOT bring a ton of music with you while you're on the go?

And if that's not enough, it includes additional software - RSS News, Dictionaries, Calendar, Notes, Sudoku, and Games - so wherever you are, you can most definitely be entertained.

I love that you can get it in a variety of colours. I got Black, but the Green and Pink are awesome!

What is so wonderful is that it is damn easy to use. I just plugged in the USB cable to my computer and drag and dropped the books right into the Pocketbook's folder.

Easy peasy.

Now I've got a ton of reading to take with me wherever I am, whether I'm traveling by plane or subway, waiting for a doctor's appointment or meeting a friend!

The Pocketbook is a real wonder. Don't be afraid - you're going to love it!

Order yours now!

p.s. My book, The 30-Second Commute: A Non-Fiction Comedy About Writing & Working From Home, is available in ebook form.

Stephanie Dickison

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