G.M. Collin's New Bio Organique Line Does My Skin Good

G.M. Collin is one of those companies that makes extraordinary products that you can count on.

I wrote about G.M. Collin's great suncare line last June and now I'm pleased to tell you about their NEW Bio Organique Line.

See, G.M. Collin knows that you care about your skin and the environment, so they have come up with Bio Organique - a complete organic line with 99% Natural and Certified Organic ingredients.

You'll get the nourishment, moisture and radiance you want, while protecting your skin from harsh environmental damage. And you wont' find any genetically modified ingredients, harmful chemicals, petrochemicals or synthetic ingredients here. Just incredibly transforming products that make you look like you, but much, much younger, better.

I take my makeup off every night before bed. I use Bio Organique's Cleansing Milk that removes not only my foundation and mascara, but the impurities that come with living in an urban centre, filled with pollution and grime. I like that it's gentle, yet effective, thanks to ingredients like avocado (which helps reduce transepidermal water loss) and lavender, which soothes your skin and your soul.

Recently, a makeup artist recommended misting your face before applying moisturizer to give a fresh, dewy look. I was skeptical, but tried it with Revitalizing Mist and wow! I even wrote and told my friend Allison in NYC about it. It's amazing how it tones your skin and I love how refreshing and energizing it is, thanks to citrus and lavender scents.

Gentle Exfoliant removes dry skin and unblocks your pores, giving you a smooth, clean slate to work with.

My skin was looking pretty dull there for awhile. I don't know what it was, but no matter what I did, it looked sallow and in need of a serious overhaul. The Energizing Mask (with Barbados Cherry and Apricot ingredients) did it all with just one application before bed! My skin was not only detoxified but completed renewed. It was supple and smooth and I swear I looked a titch younger the following morning.

Dry skin has always been my biggest problem. But Bio Organique's Nourishing Cream hydrates my skin and infuses it with all natural ingredients like olive and argan oil. The Normalizing Gel-Cream, using fig and tapioca, works on dull and tired skin.

To give your skin the VIP treatment, Treating Serum feels so luxurious and makes your skin look completely luminous. And to battle those fine lines and wrinkles that keep appearing, get
Eye Contour that smooths everything out, quickly and easily.

These are just a few reasons to get the NEW Bio Organique Line by G.M. Collin.

Email to find out where to get it near you and fight aging naturally. Organically.

p.s. they also use 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Woo woo!

Stephanie Dickison

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