Father's Day is Quickly Approaching - Get a Paperwallet Before It's Too Late!

You've only got a couple of weeks to get something for Dad.

Don't worry, I've got the perfect thing - Paperwallet.

And though you may be thinking that a wallet is such a predictable Dad gift, let me stop you right there - this is no ordinary bi- fold wallet.

First of all, it is incredibly thin and light, unlike that beast of a thing he's been carrying around since the 70s. Secondly, it's incredibly durable thanks to a tear-resistant elastic fabric called Tyvek, so it won't disintegrate like every other wallet he's had up until now. Thirdly, these wallets are 100% recyclable, so they are an environmentally-friendly choice. And lastly, there are a gazillion styles and colours to choose from - so no more standard, everyday black if he doesn't want it!

There are Solid, Classic and Designer styles to choose from.

Make this Father's Day the one you give him a gift he cannot only use, but will always remember.
Buy a bunch of Paperwallet's here and make up for all those years of bulk socks, bad ties and barbecue utensils.

p.s. Be sure to tell Dad that if indeed the day comes when his wallet starts to wear, he can send it into Paperwallet and they'll not only recycle it, he'll get 15% off his next one!

Stephanie Dickison

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