Check Out the Awesome USB.Brando Slim Bluetooth Keyboard!

You don't want to work more, just smarter, right?

I think it's safe to say that we're all addicted to our computers, phones and iPads.

But now there's a way to stay connected, comfortably, no matter where you are with USB.Brando's Slim Boothtooth Keyboard!

This sweet little beauty is small, sleek and oh-so-light. It's pretty soft keys are big enough that you can type with ease,, but the keyboard is small enough that you can carry it in the smallest of clutches!

It can be used with a Bluetooth enabled laptop, PC, phone and now the iPad, so no matter whether you're on a plane or in a meeting, this awesome keyboard will allow you to work in small spaces in comfort.

Which means, you'll be able to hand in that report on time for once and still have time to enjoy a drink after dinner at the hotel!

It comes with the smartest features like an on/off button and built-in rechargeable battery comes with a USB cable and CD driver.

The Slim Bluetooth Keyboard is compatible with Symbian S60, Mac OS, Windows Mobile, Window 7 / Vista / XP / 2000.

Work where you can when you can with the USB.Brando Slim Bluetooth Keyboard so that you can relax and enjoy yourself more often!

p.s. This is a great gift for Dad for this coming Father's Day, June 20th!

Stephanie Dickison

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