Blue Barnhouse Letterpress Has THE Best Cards!

I am not only a stationery fiend, but a fierce pen pal.

Someone moves? I send 'em a card? A friend has a bad date? I send 'em a card.

But not just any ol' card. It's gotta be spectacular.

Like the close to 400 cards available at Blue Barnhouse Letterpress Cards.

They are fun and original and a little edgy, which is exactly what I want to send out to friends, family and colleagues to show them they're on my mind and in my hearts.

The Phrenology - You card certainly illustrates that I'm thinking of them.

For my fella's birthday recently, I gave him the very funny Booty Call, though was awfully tempting. I think that Happy Birdy.

Alice - Kmart is hysterical and so original, as is Cooking with Satan. Aren't these so much better than what you've been getting at the mall?

For my friend going through a tumultuous breakup, I'm sending Dear Jerkface to show my solidarity and support. And I think I'll follow up with Girl Power!!! and the absolutely tremendous Once Upon a Time card.

And the I'd Fuck Me card (excuse my language!) oughtta get a laugh out of her too.

For all my single ladies, I'm buying Girls Want Firemen in bulk. It's like Blue Barnhouse knows exactly what we're thinking and when we're thinking it.

And not only are these outstanding cards funny and memorable, they are printed by hand on antique presses on recylced card stocks and packages in biodegradable sleeves.

My friends, these cards are made with hard work and heart and style and a little bit of sass.

In other words, they are the perfect cards for a modern gal and her friends.

Buy 'em up in bulk now!

Stephanie Dickison

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