Beauty Sprinkles Vitamin Cocktail Mask - Just Add Yogurt

Beauty Sprinkles Vitamin Cocktail Mask was created by Alexandra Howard, who has spent 17 years "assisting a world-famous Beverly Hills plastic surgeon."

Her story is quite extraordinary. Hear it in her own words:

"One of my specialties has been Facial Mesotherapy Vitamin Injections. This not-yet-well-known procedure is the skincare secret weapon of movie stars and models for youthful, glowing skin, and I have performed thousands of these treatments over the years.

Also known as Mesolift or Mesoglow, the treatment consists of multiple micro-injections of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and amino acids directly into the skin to nourish and rejuvenate, promote collagen production and stimulate the skin's metabolism. And it works really, really well.

But I know that many of the ‘luxury’ treatments available to us are unaffordable -- lasers, fillers, peels, expensive vitamin injection treatments. So what could we all use?

I always knew there was a better way…

Being a cancer survivor, I also became concerned about the chemicals I was exposed to, and my skin was commanding attention at an accelerated rate.

Through my health challenges, I was motivated to create something for myself that was totally natural, healthy, and effective. Something that combined my medical experience with my Greek heritage of using herbs and natural ingredients. My mother, who is from Greece, always used natural remedies when I was a child. Her favorite ‘cure-all’ was chamomile. From her, I learned the natural vitamin-packed powers of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

So after years of research, self experimentation, testing with others (thank you) and numerous natural concoctions later, “ta, da, ta tah!” Beauty Sprinkles was born!"

I love that it is simple to use: Mix 1 Beauty Sprinkles packet with 1 tablespoon of yogurt in your pretty seashell. Apply to face and leave on anywhere from 10-30 minutes.

Beauty Sprinkles transforms your skin from dull to glowing, rough to smooth and completely hydrated.

All with a little sprinkle of powerful, all-natural ingredients such as acai berry powder, orange peel granules, rice bran, cornstarch, vitamin c, lemongrass, oatmeal, dried apple pieces, and 1 itty bitty tablespoon of yogurt.

Treat your skin naturally, with care with Beauty Sprinkles Vitamin Cocktail Mask.

Stephanie Dickison

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