The SKrAPr Does the Dirty Work For You!

Scraping about dirt and grime, whether it's on your kitchen floor (mine's always got bits of cilantro and carrot peelings), your car, on the stovetop or your barbecue, is no fun at all.

When you're using your hands and a cloth or scrub brush, that is.

But now there's The SKrAPr, which does all the work for you.

I like it in the kitchen for after my fellas made eggs or I make a stew - I can scrape away the bits stuck to the bottom of the pan with ease without having to get out the steel wool!

It's because of the curve of the blade and the angle to which the blade sits that you can sit back and let The SKrAPr do all the heavy duty lifting.

And because it is made from a formulated resin, it's mildew resistant and does not promote bacteria growth, so go ahead and use it on the bottom of the oven where there's been a big black blotch from that chicken that popped grease everywhere for the last few months. Or that stubborn patch of gum or tape on the laundry room floor. Once you have this little wonder, you're going to find a ton of uses for it.

And you get not just one, but 2 when you place your order.

Sorry. I think all of the excuses not to clean the house from top to bottom just ran out!

Stephanie Dickison

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