Second Base's Demi-Cami Solves All Your Wardrobe Issues!

I dress differently depending on the occasion and person.

So for instance, if I'm heading to dinner with my fella, I might wear something low cut but for a business meeting, I'll want to be appropriately covered up.

That's why I absolutely love Second Base's Demi-Cami.

It is a quick and easy solution to any of your wardrobe woes: Have a v-neck dress that you'd love to wear to the office, but it's just a bit too revealing in the chestal area? What about that crazy cool top that drapes in the front? Want to add a layer of colour to a top or dress for visual interest?

The Demi-Cami does it all!

It is far better than having to wear a bulky tank under your tee or dress, as it only goes as far as the bottom of your bra. This cropped cami stays put (no worry of it rolling up!) with a slight elastic bottom, but I assure you it doesn't feel elastic-y at all - no tightness, pulling or straining against your skin. Just sheer comfort!

And speaking of comfort, the material is so lightweight, you'll forget you have it on. Which I truly appreciated last night, when I wore mine out to a restaurant review in 36 degree weather (about 98 to my American friends). Second Base camisoles are made of a siro modal/spandex blend, which is what makes it extremely comfortable, breathable and form fitting.

I like that the company made these camis non-see-thru so that your bra isn't peeking through like with those ones made by lingerie companies. I mean, what's the point of covering up if you're not really covered up?

I love the possibility that having simply one or two of these adds to your wardrobe. Last night I wore a black cowl necked dress to dinner. If I was out with my guy, I would wear it on its own, but I was meeting a friend, so I added the Meredith and suddenly my dress had this colour-blocking look to it. It completely changed the dress.

Last week out at an event, I tried my cami with a low cut tee and skirt and I had this pulled-together Mad Men type outfit somehow. Huh.

Now I've got new and different looks I can add to my old clothes, without having to go out and buy new ones. It's like I've doubled my wardrobe.


And if you get one of each style - Sarah, Meredith, Marlo, Brittany, Celeste - you'll be able to change up each and every dress and top that you have, no matter what the colour or strap style.

The summer just got a whole lot better, didn't it?

Stephanie Dickison

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