My Tagalongs Make Traveling a Breeze!

As much as I love to travel, there is always an innate stress involved because I am always concerned about forgetting something.

Now thanks to My Tagalongs, I've got everything I need all in one place:

The Identi-Fly Document Holder is slim and sleek - just what you want as you had to sit on your suitcase in order to close it. It keeps all of your travel documents organized, so you can access your passport, boarding pass, baggage claim receipts, hotel and car confirmations and anything else you may need to take out and put away again (over and over). The clever design also includes places for business and credit cards, money, pen and a resealable pocket for change, keys, etc.

And whether you are a vitamin fiend like I am or need to travel with your medications, the Vitamin Pod keeps you on track. It has 7 compartments so you can take when you need when you need to. Cute case, too. And if you're not packing any pills, why not use it to store your jewelry or small items on your travels? You won't lose anything with this l'il cutie!

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Stephanie Dickison

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