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I went to dinner with a friend in her 50s recently and I just couldn't get over how smooth her skin was. I mean, she almost looked like she'd had a slight facelift - the good kind, where you can't really tell except that the skin is smooth and taut, but all of your personality and facial expressions remain.

I hadn't had the chance to tell her as we were hurriedly catching up over work and other things. But not long into the conversation, she said that her skin had been completely made over by a skincare line and I should try it and perhaps write about it.

Funnily enough, I had tried Equavie and thought the very same thing.

The results are instant and stunning.

Made with natural and organic ingredients such as olive, cotton, shea and green tea, it looks and feels like for once, you are actually feeding your skin with effective nutrients. The products contain "at least 95% natural ingredients, and 95% of botanical ingredients are organic-certified. At least 10% of all ingredients must be derived from organic farming."

The Luminous Moisture Cream includes extracts of olive, rosemary and lavender. Talk about luxurious! Your skin will instantly be soft, radiant and supple, thanks to the natural ingredients within.

Looking for something to tackle those lines and wrinkles? Renewing Cream has got it all, including strawberry, apple and date extracts. All of a sudden, your skin will look brighter and younger. Like you've been on vacation or caught up on a week's worth of sleep. It's pretty mesmerizing, so don't be surprised if you catch yourself looking in the mirror a lot. It's not your fault you look this good!

I've got the driest skin, but in using Equavie's Nourishing Cream, I now have this intensely moisturized skin. It's soft and smooth and now I would say I have left dry skin behind. That right there is one miracle product, don't you think?

If you battle combination skin or are prone to blemishes, the Purifying Cream is for you. Green tea acts as an inflammatory and samphire purifies your skin. Calendula's restorative properties gives you an even complexion, which means you get the skin you've always wanted without having to endure painful dermablasions or the high cost of exfoliations.

To find out where to get these amazing creams that will completely transform you and your skin, call 1-800-361-6089 or email if you're in Canada and if you're in the US, call 1-888-378-2843 or email

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