Discover Nespresso's Limited Edition Tanzaru!

If you're a coffee and espresso lover, you've got to get yourself a Nespresso machine.

We certainly couldn't live without ours.

And now, there is a new selection to try - Tanzaru, the 2010 Limited Edition Grand Cru from Nespresso.

Selected from the first harvest, late in the season, Arabica from Tanzania mingles with Peruvian coffee cherries, giving you a completely unique flavour and aroma.

That's what I love about Nespresso. There is always something new to discover and your favourite cuppa is constantly changing!

And if you don't want to go and select your blends in one of the Boutique-in-Shop locations, you can order them online and get them shipped directly to your home or office.

I told you it was fantastic!

Stephanie Dickison

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