Bring Endless Fun & Colour into the Kitchen with Kuhn Rikon!

Now that I am cooking all the time, I wanted to upgrade my ugly black plastic utensils. They just aren't any fun to use and really, not reliable or sturdy at all.

That's why I absolutely love Kuhn Rikon.

Not only do they put a whole lot of thought into how you use each piece, but they are constructed in fun, bright colours with innovative designs that are not only good for your hands, but look great on your countertops!

Take their NEW Corn Zipper, for instance. It not only takes 1 or 2 rows off the cob - it gets 3 or 4 of them, so you can strip your corn cob (cooked or raw) in no time! Isn't that just the type of kitchen tool that you've been craving? The blade protector means you can safely keep it in your drawer without cutting up your hands and using this is much safer and easier than your old knife method. Just zip and go! And the best thing? The kernels drop right into your bowl or pot, so you can get your chili, chowder, corn fritters, etc. going quickly.

It is also dishwasher safe, are as most Kuhn Rikon items, so cleanup goes just as quickly. And it goes without saying - it damn cute looking too. There's much to love about this Corn Zipper !

Now that I'm making and baking sweet and savory pies for family and friends, the Triangle Serving Knife (on my package it's Wedge Serving Knife) is a life saver! I am no longer destroying my pies when serving them.

See, the serrated slicing edge cuts cleanly through the food, so my pies stay looking a little more Martha Stewarty for a little longer. And because it has this amazing non-stick surface, the slices slip onto the plates with ease. Which means, I look a lot more talented and sophisticated than I really am. All due to the innovative thought and design that went into this utensil!

And now that I have this, I no longer have to clean both a knife and a spatula (what I was using up until now to serve slices - how uncouth!), so I can spend less time at the end of the night cleaning up. It really is a wonder.

And it comes in red or purple, which makes serving up pie, cake, pizza or whatever, a whole lot more fun than something in silver. How boring!

And though there is a whole line dedicated to cooking tools for kids, I think that you might want to make room for these in your kitchen. I mean, they are just too cute!

The Cockatiel Whisk works for adult hands too. At 9" length for standard bowls and pans, you can whip up meringue, omlettes, dressings, etc., with the one bright pink silicone wire for fun, and the bird's beak prevents you hand from slipping. Why would you want to use a regular whisk when you could use this one?

And the Duck Snippers are perfect for getting a bit of cilantro and chevril from their pots to your pot of Beef Vindaloo or to cut away an opening in your net bag of Spanish onions or organic sweet potatoes. Much more fun than those bulky, heavy iron kitchen scissors that you've had since the 90s. Sheesh.

And because I like a clean house as much as I like a good meal, I cannot get enough of the Swiss Kitchen line of cleaning products. The Swiss Kitchen Tall Kitchen Brush gets into all those places I can't because of it's length and swivel head. Take that vases, bottles and kitchen sink! You can also get the extremely comfortable to hold Bristle Brush and Scrub Brush. All of these come with replacement heads that are supereasy to take on and off - click left to take off, click right to put on!

So just get yourself over to Kuhn Rikon and put some colour and convenience into that kitchen of yours. It's so much more fun this way!

Stephanie Dickison

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