True Promise Beauty ONE is All You Need

Many face creams start out because someone was looking to treat a specific something and couldn't find anything suitable.

Well, here's an original case - True Promise Beauty ONE was developed by "an Emmy-nominated makeup artist to address the concerns of actresses and actors whose faces appear on unforgiving High Definition TV."

So you've gottta know that if this works in that kind of competitive, highly scrutinized environment like Hollywood and high def TVs, it's going to work for you in your regular life.

Gail Johnson, a former soap actress, has created not only a cream that works on your face, under your eyes and neck, but it works i-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y. Your lines smooth into practical nothingness, your skin tightens and your pores vanish. It is like a Hollywood face lift without any pain, scalpels or recovery time. Just apply all over your face and see the difference right away!

Using ingredients like the highest FDA allowable percentage of Botox alternative and a formation of collagen/elastin fibers, your skin gets moisturized, complete with a matte finish - you don't want to be all slick and shiny looking, do you?

And your now plump, supple skin will stay that way with regular use.

Hey, you're totally ready for your close up now, High Definition and all.

Email True Promise Beauty for where to get it near you.

Stephanie Dickison

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