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There are some things that make you instantly feel good:

1. Opening the door for someone and getting a bright smile in return
2. Being told "I miss you"
3. Votre Vu's line of exquisite lotions

These rich and luxurious cremes and serums from Paris, France go to work on your skin right away, delivering a ton of moisture without any greasy residue and leaving it feeling smooth, supple and completely, utterly pampered.

For all over indulgence, spray on Amour D'Ore. Your skin is immediately repaired and nourished with this blend of oils. Spray on your arms and legs and feel how sensuous your skin can feel (you can also use it as a treatment on your hair!). This is one of the few oil-based products that I've ever used that doesn't have that heavy oily, greasy feel. If you are like me and normally stay away from the rich oils, know that this will completely change your mind about them.

You're also going to want to slather on Tarte D'Amande. It feels incredible on - like satin on your skin - and the light scent, Almond Pie, just adds to the whole feeling of complete bliss.

To get those puffy eyes of yours looking youthful again, get Tout Le Monde. In no time, you'll have the undereyes of a teenager. It's such a miracle product that it not only worked on my bare skin, but in those "emergency" situations when you need to look your best and you're only choice is to put it on on top of your makeup. I mean, you can't meet a friend for the first time in 20 years with bags under your eyes...

And as you age, you've probably noticed that your neck is getting this thin, papery feel. Eww. One of the best remedies, and one of the most sumptuous rituals I've found is Portrait Collar Restorative Neck Creme. Suddenly your neck looks and feels long and sleek and smooth and young. And the scent will knock you off your feet - absolutely gorgeous and perfumey.

And this is just a little bit of what Votre Vu has to offer.

Treat your winter skin and mood to a little luxury. It goes a long way.

Stephanie Dickison

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