Get Organized with the Order from Chaos Air Traffic Control Calendar

A number of people in my life are struggling with trying to get their lives sorted out.

I have been sending them clippings from magazines, recommending books on CD to listen to, but I think I've found a great solution to really help them turn things around with Liz Davenport's Order from Chaos Air Traffic Control Calendar.

What's significant about this system is that it is made for the 90% of people who are right-handed. Those other ringed-systems like Day Timer, Day Runner, Day at a Glance, etc. are made so that you are mostly writing on the left-hand side, thus you bang your hand into the rings, you can't write all the way to the end of the page and it's generally annoying which is why many people don't keep to their system.

And if you've been reading me over at Get Buttoned Up, you'll know I am all about getting a system that works for you.

Liz is an organizational expert whose book, Order From Chaos, goes through the 6 steps to being organized.

The reason this system is called the Air Traffic Control Calendar is because it is Step 2 of her system - "Write it all down in one place in a calendar format."

Smart lady.

With daily pages (two-pages-per-day) that allow you to keep your appointments ("Places to Go," Liz calls them) separate from your to-do list (I love that she calls these "Today's Options." It makes it all sound possible, doesn't it?)all on one page and corresponding notes on the other, you are bound to keep it all straight for once. The Jan-Dec monthly tabs gives you perspective on what's coming and a page marker with the Six Steps to Organization reminds you of how to stay on track.

I like that the pages are nice and wide, giving you lots of room to write, and that it's straightforward - black and white with little decoration - so that you can focus on the work that needs to be done.

And while Liz is a organization guru, she is not perfect. She calls Order from Chaos, "Organizing for the Disorganized, by the Disorganized. She's an Organized, Disorganized Person." I think that alone will put people at ease who have tried other methods and failed, who feel that can't live up to what others are doing.

Liz is one of us - she's just figured out how to organize the disorganization. And that's what makes her different. Her system is approachable and easy-to-follow. There's no tricks or gimmicks - just writing things down in one great place.

Liz Davenport is clearly out to change people's lives.

But for some people, that first step is the hardest.

I think that the Air Traffic Control Calendar is a great place to start if you're struggling to get organized and get things done.

And for once, you'll be able to write it all down with comfort and ease.

Ahh. What a difference that makes!

Stephanie Dickison

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