Feel Better Thanks to SoU!

Rough night last night?

It's harder to drink a little more, stay up a little later as you get older isn't it? You don't bounce back as quickly and the residual moments of the night stick around a little longer.

But I think I can help.

SoU! is a line of ultra-high purity liquid vitamins and nutrients, offered in a sleek frosted glass tube that you drink in order to feel better, more energetic, etc.

There are 5 different concoctions made with both men and women in mind:

- Energy
- Stress-Relief
- Immune System Shield
- Antioxidant
- Detox and Hangover

Detox and Hangover and Energy Tonics can help relieve the effects of the night before and get you back to your old self just in time for your friend's birthday party tonight.

You simply mix the vial with juice or water and let the vitamins take effect.

Not only is the SoU! Method simple, it's tasty.

So whether your friend's got a quiet dinner party planned or a night of multiple bars, you're covered... and recovered.

Of course this doesn't mean you can have those 3 extra margaritas.

Well, maybe just one more...

Stephanie Dickison

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