Lips-n-Eyes is the Ultimate Cosmetics Organizer!

I just wrote a piece on organizing and doing my taxes, and another area that could use a serious overhaul in my home is my cosmetics mess.

I tried keeping everything organized and together in a plastic container with drawers. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I can't close the drawers (so what's the point in having them?) and I have the overflow that doesn't fit all over the place - in the closet, in the bathroom cabinet... ugh.

It wasn't until I found Lips-n-Eyes that I got it all together and looking good.

The most amazing aspect of this organizing system is that it holds a ton, doesn't take up much room and gives you a dedicated space for each and all of your necessities - 10 holes on the left, 10 holes on the right, 3 slots in front and a large space on top for bigger items, bottles, creams, etc.

That means, no more digging through drawers and containers looking for that navy blue eyeliner that you wear out on special occasions. No more having to sift through all your lipsticks to find that one, you know - the one that's coral pink and looks so good on you.

The other design feature I love is that lip stuff goes on the left, eye makeup is on the right. It is so simple, but so brilliant. And not only does it look all neat and organized, but it shaves off a ton of time when you don't have to go looking for your lip liner or mascara!

Speaking of time, I love that Kermetta McGarity, President and Designer of Lips-n-Eyes, included a clock in her organizer. There is nothing worse than getting ready and having to get out of the bathroom to peek at the clock to make sure you're not late. This is not only an incredible time saver, but it puts your mind at ease, making getting ready in the morning a much more pleasurable experience. All that with the simple addition of a clock.**

If you have an especially short item that wants to slide down into a tube and disappear, place one or more cotton balls into the bottom of that compartment to adjust the depth.

** If you don't want to use the clock feature, you can remove it and use the large compartment to store cotton balls or swipes or anything else that needs a home. You can also leave the clock in and use the space behind it as a secret hiding spot for treasured items. How cool is that?!

It comes in Sea Green (my favourite), Antique Ivory, Pastel Pink and Arctic White. And shortly, a hand-crafted hardwood version, with added side pockets for brushes and other accessories!

For under $30, you get a whole new system for your makeup. Isn't that a great deal?

And just consider how many boxes, trays, shelves and containers you've tried up until now. Wouldn't it be great to just get it all organized ONCE AND FOR ALL?

It's an absolute bargain, an incredible time saver and offers complete peace of mind.

Get yours now.

Stephanie Dickison

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