Get the Prettiest Box for Your Valentine From EcoVintageVegan on Etsy!

So you've gone to all of that trouble to get your loved one a spectacular Valentine. You're not going to give to them just like that, are you?!

To make it the momentous occasion you've both dreamed of, you're going to want to put in one of the most gorgeous hand made boxes by Mickey Tanner, creator and owner of EcoVintageVegan at Etsy!

Check out the Wholesalecrafts and Supply - Seaside Beach Themed Gift Boxes. These 25 beautiful little gift boxes are handmade from acid free archival card stock. Not only are they the colours of the seas, they have matching insert centers and bottoms.

Don't you just love that dedication to detail?!

And each one is hand built. Mickey meticulously folds, scores and glues each and every one! The work involved just for this one little charming box is unbelievable. And soooo affordable!

Doesn't it make you want to keep it?

I am loving the Tiffany Blue Inspired - Little Gift Boxes - 16 as well. How could you not swoon over whatever is in these little beauties? And Pumpkin Spice too.

I have to say that Mickey's patterned boxes, like the Amy Butler, Romantic, Romantic Madeline, Large Gift Boxes, Bright Foil Blossoms, are my absolute favourite. She uses a different bottom and top, so you get this exquisitely decadent box that is superbly crafted and well, kind of up the look of whatever you put in it.

You will never look at boxes the same again after you've seen the superior craftsmanship of ecovintagevegan boxes!

p.s. check out Mickey's other company, Crude Company - Raw Jewelry & Ornament.

Stephanie Dickison

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