Get Organized with the Family Facts 2010 Family Acticity Wall Calendar!

I wrote about Pam Socolow's Family Facts On-The-Go Planner back in October and now there's a calendar for the whole family to use.

There is much to love about the Family Facts 2010 Family Activity Wall Calendar.

First of all, the squares in which to write are H-U-G-E so you can actually fit in everything that you have to do and when.

And the graduated blue and gray colours are not only pretty and soothing, but create instant lines so that you can keep your appointments looking neat - even if your handwriting isn't!

The fold out write-on/wipe off boards with dry-erase marker allows you to keep numbers and other important information close at hand and a large pocket at the bottom means no more mislaid dry cleaning tickets or receipts.

The 2010 Family Activity Wall Calendar is an all-in-one system that the whole family can use.

One of my favourite features? The stickers. I mean, how much more fun is it to apply a birthday sticker than have to write it out?

See? I told you it has everything!

Stephanie Dickison

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