Get Green World Bags and Shop In Style!

Reusable shopping bags have come a long way since they started. Now you can get ones of every colour and material.

My latest favourite find are Green World Bags.

Created in response to the "negative environmental impact created by the throwaway plastic bags that litter California’s roads and beaches and threaten marine wildlife," these bags encourage you to shop responsibly while looking damn fine doing it.

Based on the iconic paper bag and made from heavy-gauge polypropylene, these bags are not only the perfect accessory for whatever outfit you are wearing, they will stand up to your real life demands of getting groceries, running errands and general life stuff that is part of your busy, daily life.

I love the shape of these, as it gives an automatic structure, unlike those other reusable bags where everything jumbles together. You can place items in neatly and squarely, which makes packing easier, I think. The 14” reinforced loop handles and bottom liner give it increased stability, which allows you to get three of those cans of San Marzano tomatoes while they're on sale or that thing that you need in order to make your closet a little more organized.

The bag can hold the volume of what you used to carry in 2-3 plastic bags, so you can see the potential for great shopping!

There are 3 series of prints to choose from, so you can pick ones that reflect your own personal style. There's Traditional, Exotic and Modern.

I got the Modern series, which includes Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London and Cairo, but I'm going to buy the other 2 series as I like them just as much - and a girl's got to have a bag to go with everything right?!

I also used one as a gift bag for a friend's birthday present. The first thing she said? "I looove this bag!" Not only does it act as beautiful eco-friendly wrapping, she can use it for shopping afterwards. A two-in-one gift!

And at these affordable prices, you can't go wrong, and a portion of each sale goes to support One Percent for the Planet and the Surfrider Foundation, so you're doing good as well as shopping in style.

I've got my bag packed full of mail to drop off, library books to return and on the way back I'm going to fill it with ingredients for dinner tonight.

It feels good to finally have a bag that is functional and fashionable.

Get your own Green World Bags and change the way you shop.

You'll want one for your wine, a couple for your groceries, a couple for gift bags, one for the gym...

Stephanie Dickison

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