Celebrate Superbowl with Chef Hymie Grande Sauces

Everyone you know is going to a Superbowl party today.

And chances are, they'll have chips, wings and chili.

But no one will be doing it up as good as you, thanks to Chef Hymie Grand Sauces!

These artisanal barbecue sauces are cooked in small batches, to "preserve the integrity of the taste and quality," according to Jamie Faitelson, a.k.a. Chef Hymie Grande.

Not only do his sauces have no high fructose corn syrup or processed sugars, they are vegan and all natural as well. And if that's not enough, they are the first BBQ sauce to carry the American Diabetes Association mark on the bottle’s label (a portion of the proceeds from every bottle sold go to the ADA). So unlike other BBQ sauces, you're getting good ingredients as well as great taste.

Each of the 3 sauces offer individual characteristics and personality:

The Polopote' Barbecue Glaze is the perfect choice for wings and ribs, ham or a thick steak, or on top of your famous meatloaf. I love the texture - a glaze is so sophisticated, don't you think? And the ancho and chipotle chiles add a smoky depth that is utterly alluring.

Also in the glaze category, The Cascabel Express Barbecue Glaze takes it up a notch. On top of ancho and chipotle chiles, there's the addition of habanero and cascabel chiles, so you get a ton of heat in one bottle - a little goes a long way! And I have to say, it's so nice to have a hot product that tastes so good. We put this on everything. I even considered basting our breakfast bacon before putting it in the oven....

And for a little sweetness, I'm lovin' the New Mexico Sweet Basting Sauce. Though it's milder than the other two, I love that the earthy chilies still come through. Great on chicken, pork and fish.

And in case you need a little help deciding how to use the sauces, check out Chef Hymie's recipes.

I know it's hard to choose between the three. I mean, you want to try each one, right? So get the Chef Hymie Grande 3-Pack for only $18! And you get heat AND taste in every bite.

That's a pretty fantastic deal, if you ask me.

Happy footballin', folks!

Stephanie Dickison

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