Beauty Alert Stickers Are a Lifesaver!

Do you know how old that mascara is? Is it all clumpy and kind of smells, but you continue to use it? What about that foundation? Do they even make that brand anymore?


Bacteria is forming, folks, and you could be risking an infection or bad irritation!

The problem is, how are you supposed to remember whether it's 4 months old or 12 months?

Thankfully, Beauty Alert! stickers are here help.

Once you've opened your container of blush, that bottle of sunscreen or that can of hair spray, put a label on it and never have to second guess again about how old it is.

We have alerts on our food and technology - it only makes sense that we have it for our beauty products too!

There are 24 stickers per pack - 6 stickers for each of 4 categories of product life, so you can track everything from your moisturizer to your concealer. Not only will you never wonder how old your products are, you'll never have old products lying around anymore. Clutter-free and free of gross old makeup and beauty items - isn't that how you want to live?

And at only $8.50 per pack, it's so affordable.

Isn't that an incredibly reasonable price to pay for an investment in your health and well-being?

Get your Beauty Alert! stickers now!

Stephanie Dickison

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