Gotta Have These Eco-Friendly Beauty Products!

Get green this year with the help of these fantastic products!

**Save Your World**

At Save Your World, for every product, an acre of Rainforest is saved for a year!!

They also employ fair-trade practices, don't test on animals, use recycled and recyclable materials and stay away from using any parabens and SLS.

Talk about walking the walk.

If that isn't enough, their products smell like a garden in full bloom, fruit ripening on the vine and fresh air and sea. It's the most wonderful way to greet the day! Each product comes in 4 scents - Oasis Fruit, Rainforest, Regal Blossom and Pure Mist.

Try their organic oil castile Body Washes, all-natural Body Lotions, and their organic, chemical free Shampoos and Conditioners.

It'll do you and the planet a world of good!

**Vapour Organic Beauty**

Founder Eric Sakas said, "Perfect makeup would impart the look of natural, glowing skin, while deeply nourishing the skin."

After an exhausting search, he finally found it and created Vapour Organic Beauty.

Using castor oil and beeswax (and skipping the chemicals and petroleum), the light, sleek feel of the Elixir Lip Gloss is a welcome change from the thick, greasy and sticky texture that drugstore brands deliver. Sheer and sexy, it's the perfect accessory to your outfit.

The Aura Multi Use Blush sweeps sheer, delicate colour across your eyes, lips and cheeks. It's perfect for those of us who are so used to multi-tasking already and living our hectic lifestyle. All of a sudden, your makeup bag just got a little lighter, didn't it?!

Get a pretty, natural look, all without any harmful ingredients, with Vapour Organic Beauty.

**Nuts Cream Perfume**

Perfumes aren't always natural, what with their alcohol and synthetic fragrances.

So make the switch to Nuts Cream Perfumes, which use 100% healthy, natural, organic ingredients. Forget about chemicals with these guys.

Not only that, but their premium French-made perfumes come from the fragrance capital, Grasse, so you get lovely rich scents that last, without any of the harmful side effects!

And because they come in a solid form, you can control how much - or how little - you put on, unlike bottles that can douse you with a single spray.

Choose from luscious floral or fruity scents.

They make wonderful little gifts as well.

Stephanie Dickison

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