Get All Prettied Up With Caroline Chu, Lucy B. and Mineral Essence!

It's almost February. Do you have the winter blahs yet? Everyone I know is feeling tired and sluggish.

I think changing up your beauty routine and looking good will help you to feel better. Here are 3 fantastic ways to get your motor revved and look and feel like a million bucks again:

**Caroline Chu Skincare & Cosmetics**

Caroline Chu believes that "beauty is not just about appearances, but embracing the feeling of empowerment and comfort in one’s own skin."

Aha! That is just what you are looking for, isn't it?

Take her Ginseng Anti-Aging Toner/Freshener, for instance. The beautiful scent is both revitalizing and calming. That's how you want to start your day. It's alcohol free, which your skin will truly appreciate and it not only tightens pores, but helps diminish those fine lines and your sun damaged skin. Your skin will feel soft and supple and look bright and lively.

And that's all before any creams or your cup of coffee in the morning!

And her Day & Night Hydrating Cream is the perfect antidote to this cold, harsh weather. It instantly drenches your skin in moisture, soothing it upon contact. Vitamins C, E and E and gingko biloba work to protect and repair your skin day and night, so you always look and feel great.

No need for the time and expense of the spa, when you've got all you need right here with Caroline Chu.

**LucyB Perfumes**

A new scent is a great way to uplift your mood and spirit.

Lucy Baldock-Sacchi is a makeup artist who has an impressive cosmetics line. But she's launched some fantastic perfumes.

Her first fragrance, Pink Frangipani, is absolutely delightful. It manages to smell pink somehow, though how, I'm not sure.

Australian Flower Essences mingle with citrus fruit, red suva Frangipani and even coconut milk (!!!), for a truly exotic, yet feminine scent. It's beachy with a real floral overtone - completely addictive!

And her Wild Jasmine is beautiful. Really soft and sensual. Sometimes I find jasmine smells a bit pee-ish if it's too strong, but there's no worry of that here (the difference I'm guessing is that here it's Wild Australian Jasmine). Pineapple, water lily and magnolia blend with the jasmine to create a uplifting scent that is delicate and oh-so-pretty.

It's the perfect thing to bring spring into the winter!

There are 4 fragrances to choose from - I'm thinking it'd be wise to get all four....

**Mineral Essence**

Nothing lifts a woman like a good lipstick. It gives you strength and power and confidence, even if you don't have any at that particular moment.

It completes your look in an instant. I get way more compliments on how I look when I wear lipstick then when I go bare. It's remarkable.

Minerel Essence Lip Products, as with the entire line, are designed to protect your skin while you're wearing them. Minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and all-natural ingredients give your skin what it needs, including natural SPF to shield your skin from the sun's damaging rays.

Even if you've got insanely sensitive skin, you don't have to worry - their hypo-allergenic formulas are incredible gentle.

The Vitarich Lip Treatment is remarkable in that, lipsticks are often very drying, so I usually have to put balm on beforehand. Not with Vitarich - It's the MOST HYDRATING, MOISTURIZING LIPSTICK I'VE EVER TRIED!

What a find! I'm rockin' the completely flattering Pink Crush right now, but you've gotta know that I'm going to buy one in every colour. It's a dream come true, this lipstick! Goodbye dry, flaky lips and hello gorgeous!

Lush Lip Gloss plumps your lips without any burning or tingling. And yes, it's insanely moisturizing as well. Sigh. I'm in heaven with this stuff. And Mimosa is spring in a bottle, so it's perfect for these cold, overcast days.

I'm so grateful to have found Mineral Essence. You should see my lips. Absolutely amazing.

Talk about feeling and looking good...

Stephanie Dickison

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