Still Looking for That Perfect Gift? Here Are 3 Suggestions To Get You Started!

The pressure is on - less than 20 days to find that perfect gift. For everyone on your list. When and how did your list get this big? When you started buying for the shopkeepers in your neighbourhood and the man who shoveled your walk last winter, etc...

Sigh. There's no way around it. You've got as much to do if not more this year and you've still got to find the right present.

Here are 3 fantastic finds to help get you started. And check back in daily, as I'll keep 'em coming, right up until the 25th! Or make it easy on yourself and get the knack mailed directly to you inbox every day!

Good luck out there!

**1. Apple & Bee Cosmetic Bags**

This Australian company makes bags that are eco-friendly, using materials such as certified organic cotton, bamboo silk, hemp, burlap/calico and genuine leather.

But more importantly, they are pretty and built to last!

Each bag comes with the company's dust bag, so no need for further wrapping this holiday season (!!!) and you can choose from a variety of styles and patterns.

The Small Make-Up Bag is sweet and feminine and small enough to stash in whatever bag you're currently rockin'. The pretty bird pattern (Turtle Dove) on the outside is organic cotton and it's lined with hemp, giving you a smart, luxurious bag that can take you from day to night, all with the fell swoop of a brush here and a touchup there!

I love, love, love the Foldout WC, as it's not only good lookin' (I got it in Delicious - Green), but it allows you to instantly organize your toiletries and see what you got for once! It makes getting ready a breeze, and thanks to the built-in hook, you can fold it up, take it with you on that girlfriend getaway weekend or overnight stay in the country and hang it up as soon as you arrive. I call it my "traveling medicine cabinet" and can't imagine life without it!

See? This is the kind of present that's going to be a hit this season - Pretty and useful: that's the way to go! Stock up this holiday at Apple & Bee!

**2. Elizabeth Arden Fragrances**

I think the Elizabeth Arden collection of fragrances includes some of the most enticing scents around!

I've written about many of them in the past. Recently I wrote about the warmth of Giorgio Beverly Hills Sunshine, and not too long ago Always by Alfred Sung, Hidden Fantasy by Britney Spears and Mariah Carey's Luscious.

Now I can't get enough of their new perfumes and colognes!

Fifth Avenue is one of those clean scents that you can wear any time of day. It is fresh and floral without being too cloying. I love putting it on right after a shower. It makes me feel ready for the day - like I can do anything!

Couture Couture by Juice Couture was a surprise for me. I don't wear their clothes, and this slightly spicy, sweet fragrance isn't my usual choice, but I've absolutely devoured the bottle. And every time I wear it, my guy leans in extra close...

Britney Spears' Circus Fantasy is surprisingly fantastic. This light, sweet scent isn't my go-to kind of scent either, but sometimes, that's a good thing. Gets you outta your rut, your comfort zone. I wear it all the time. And for those of you Britney haters - you don't have to love the girl to wear the perfume...

Mariah Carey's Forever is a scent that I can wear day in, day out. It is feminine and approachable with a blend of neroli, lotus blossom, green apple, tuberose, white musk and gardenia.

And for the men, X Rocawear is delicious. Every single time my fella puts it on, I can't help but tell him how good he smells. It's enough to make me wanna leave my desk and just pounce him! TMI? Perhaps, but I'm tellin' you - it's amorous indeed!

**3. One Line A Day by Chronicle Books**

Diaries and planners are a great end of the year present, but this one is different!

The One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book is a fantastic way to help someone preserve their memories throughout the years. It is like a scrapbook with side-by-side comparisons. You record one line everyday for five years. Each day's entry is done underneath one another so for June 13th, you'll have 5 lines of information - 2010 to 2015.

It makes a nice memento for those who wish to pass it on to their loved ones and share their experiences, but it also allows you to see your own personal growth and changes in your feelings and activities.

What a gift!

Stephanie Dickison

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