Sending Cards This Season? Then Get Yourself My Ugly Kitty, mango ink and Tota Press Cards!

Whether you're sending an invitation, thank you card or simply a note , "Thinking of you," you should consider these guys. They are a whole lot of fun!

**My Ugly Kitty**

First of all, you've got to read about this cat!

How awesome is that?

And the cards are fantastic too. There are gorgeous Custom Made Screenprinted Wedding Invitations, as well as other personalized stationery that you can order.

Or you may want the Smitten Kitten card. I want 500 please!

These cards with their sturdy stock, embellished with elegant images, will help make this season bright!

And knowing that there's this lovely kitty being cared deeply for has really made my Christmas.

No, it's okay. There's just something in my eye...

**mango ink**

If you're thinking that photos are the way to go, then get yourself on over to mango ink.
There are a ton of categories to choose from - new year, all things baby, all things wedding and even sample packs if you want to have a looksee first!

The way it works is you pick your design and then you email your photos to them!

You approve the proof before printing begins and then your cards are shipped to you. How cool is that?

And I've got to say, the designs and photos that I received are phenomenal. There's a raised border that really gives it a professional look (it's called mounted) and the glossy finish really makes them look, frankly, really expensive, even though they are anything but!

Normally, I find most photo cards pretty cheesy, but these are so damn modern and classy that, well, you're going to like them so much, I'm pretty sure you're going to keep one and frame it.

Yes, they're that good!

See for yourself.

**TOTA Press**

What a cool idea - a handmade letterpress card subscription service!

Every month, TOTA Press sends you 2 custom-designed and hand-printed cards.

That means, no matter what the occasion, you'll have cards on hand, at the ready! Which is how it should be, no? No more trying to remember to pick up a card for Ben's birthday or a thank you card to the nice lady who helped you find that book you were looking for.
Designer Tomoko Takahashi creates cards that are damn sumptuous - graphic designs that are textured and vibrant, perfect for any event, on the thickest stock you've ever seen. You're going to love 'em.

So much so you're not going to want to send them, but instead keep 'em for yourself.

But share the wealth! Send 'em on!

Sign up here and get yourself all organized for the new year.

Doesn't that feel fantastic?!

Stephanie Dickison

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