Satiate Your Paper Cravings with Sycamore Street Press, Chronicle Books & Paper Orchid!

You know how much I love paper and stationery.

And this right here is the good stuff, folks. Enjoy, indulge and get back to writing the old school way!

**Sycamore Street Press**

There is nothing more lovely than a letterpressed card. The old style of printing imbibed with new artists creating collections that will forever mean something to the recipient is something that cannot be duplicated with something from a mall.

And Kirk and Eva Jorgensen have created something spectacular with Sycamore Street Press.

The Owl Says Happy Birthday card from the Folk Collection is a great choice for the person who has mustard-coloured walls and collects tea towels from the 60s. And the little yellow Chubby Chick is the perfect find to celebrate a friend's new baby boy. And the Deepest Sympathy card with a laurel of blue flowers is delicate, yet moving - the perfect choice to show someone how much you care.

There are Lark and Pop Collections too, which give you different looks and styles to choose from.

Not only are these cards made with heart, soul and a ton of talent, they are made on a letterpress that doesn't have a motor or uses any electricity, they print on either 100% recycled, 30% PCW cardstock or 100% cotton paper (which is renewable, tree-free, and uses remnants from the garment industry),most of their envelopes contain at least 30% post consumer waste (PCW) content and they use non-toxic soy based inks.

These are cards that make you feel as good as the recipient. What a gift!

**Chronicle Books**

For the foodie in your life, Kitchen Sticky Notes are a dream. They can be used in the kitchen or office.

The modern graphics have a distinctly retro feel that makes them perfect for a cook of any age.

There are list-makers, recipes notes, beautiful graphics of spatulas, double broiler, wine glasses and cake stand, a to do set, page markers with "favourite," "quick & easy," and "great for kids" on them, and a large format shopping list, because as you know, all great meals start with the right ingredients.

And for those of you looking to add a little whimsy to your work area, The Small Object Sticky Notes are so much fun, don't be surprised if you wile away the entire morning adorning your file folders, daily planner and cards and envelopes with these crazy little sticker treasures!
Sarah Neuburger is the woman behind the designs at Small Object and she has created a little world of joy and wonder with these beauties.

The delight of adding stickers that say, "You're the best," and "Oh, boy. Holy Cow! This is for you. Open it now," and little graphics of smiling faces, hand-drawn flowers and labels for homemade goodies, books, envelopes and anything else you can think of is something that, perhaps as a serious business person, you would normally scoff at.

But I think you should give it a try, because it is damn fun and the amount of joy and smiles it will bring you and others is way beyond the inexpensive price tag!

Plus, your stuff will look waaay cooler with stickers on it!

**Paper Orchid Stationery**

Paper Orchid has a line of innovative laser cut products that include invitations, announcements, as well as accessories for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

Blah, blah, blah, right?

But no, wait. You've got to see these cards to understand the beauty and intricacy of paper cutting.

Check out these invitations - black roses, red roses on the vine, decorative heart.

See what I mean?

Utterly stunning. And isn't that what you want when you send out your invitations?

Stephanie Dickison

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