Rejuvenate Your Wardrobe With Affordable Finds at Effie's Heart!

Justify FullOkay, so it's now November and that's kind of depressing because that means it's almost Christmas and I already feel behind on sending out cards, shopping for gifts, etc.

But also I'm realizing that my wardrobe is in desperate need of a little help.

So I went looking for stylish, affordable modern, yet classic items and I found it all at Effie's Heart.

This awesome indie label was created by Kimo. As it says on the website:

"Using color palettes inspired by antique catalogs, art history, nature, and vintage clothing, Kimo has painted a fashion canvas that is both endearing and unique. Fighting against the forces of sameness that trend services push onto mass culture, Kimo would like to introduce Effie’s Heart to all those who believe there is still room for original inspiration."

Just look at the Spring and Summer catalogues and you'll see the amazing sense of modernity with a nod to the past that she and other San Fransisco bay area artists have created.

The Fall Season echos Art Deco, which is one of my favourite periods in design. Kimo says the colour palette soaks in plum, crimson, rainstorm and fig. Doesn't that sound sumptuous?!

Just check out all of the latest finds at their online store! So much to see and buy!

I am loving the Montmartre Dress in Berry and the incredibly beautiful and original Bicycle Capris (pictured above)! My friend Chantal would look superb in these, but I love them so much. Maybe I'll get her a pair for Christmas...

And good lord, there are a ton of tops I want - Betty Tank in Tomato (a natch for this food writer, dontcha think?), Duchess T-Shirt in Black (so sexy and yet, not at all revealing!), the sweet European Village T-Shirt in Cream, the divine and delicate Karen Shrug (mmm!) and for a truly sexy choice, the Pinup Corset!

The Fall and Holiday previews show you more of what's to come, but be sure to check out the Accessories as well! I got myself a pair of intricately-woven hand-knit fingerless black gloves that are adorned with a black rose at the side. I also got what looks like a hand-blown heart in red on a delicate pink satin ribbon, and a gorgeous silver fleur-de-lis on a baby blue satin ribbon.

Not only will you stand out from the crowd in these awesome creations by Kimo and others, but you'll damn well be able to afford them as well!!!

Thank goodness for Effie's Heart, my new shopping haven!

Stephanie Dickison

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