Carry It With Style & Ease With Priscilla Woolworth, SPIbelt and Stelton!

Do you feel like you're carrying more than ever?

Now that plastic bags have been outted, I feel like I need a bag for every purpose.

Thankfully, I have found incredible, affordable bags that will suit every occasion.

Come and check them out!

**Priscilla Woolworth**

This awesome eco-friendly general store has fantastic bags made from recycled materials!

I got the wonderful Priscilla Woolworth Market Bag that Priscilla designed herself!

She writes:

"I designed this market bag because I wanted a bag I could take with me everywhere, and be able to fill it up with whatever I bought. like food, books, hardware store bits and pieces, or a purchase from a trendy boutique. It needed to be strong, in colors I love and be washable. It also boasts no graphics, writing or advertisements. The black one is made from recycled plastic and comes in a faux suede, for extra styling. Its just a simple and chic bag to carry just about anything you want."

It's 17 x 14, which means it really does hold everything (and as you know, I carry EVERYTHING with me and walk EVERYWHERE, which means it gets road-tested like no other).

It's perfect, whether you're a city or country girl!

And the Rubber Pencil Case, made from reclaimed bike inner tubes, is not only eco-conscious, but stands up to my constant need for pens, highlighters and such! Now I don't have to constantly root around the bottom of my purpose, desperate to take down a number or information before it's too late (or more commonly, before I forget...).

What I love about these is not only are they reducing my carbon footprint, but they look damn good!

Who says eco bags have to look like potato sacks?

Get yourself beautiful wares at Priscilla Woolworth!


The SPIbelt is a unique product.

Holding only the smallest of items, it allows you to carry the essentials without adding the bulk of a bag - and being hands-free, which sometimes is such a tremendous relief!

Great for running, walking, going on errands, it does not slip or shift, so you can be as active as you like without worrying about your stuff flying all around.

So carry your phone, keys, some money and your mp3 player without having to lug a purse around for once.

Feel confident that your items will be close and safe and walk and shop handsfree.

And you can do it all with the sleek SPIbelt (there are a ton to choose from!) without having to resort to the awfully embarrassing fanny pack of yore!

Woo woo!


Stelton is know for their beautiful housewares, but you should check out their great bags!

I got their Black Graffiti Shopper and it's got a thick plastic handle that it tucks into, but also makes it comfortable to carry even the heaviest items (It holds up to 10 kg - you should see how many books I've piled into this puppy!). This means no more handles cutting into your hands!

Carrying this one plastic/nylon bag replaces over 5 plastic bags, can be reused over and again and it's easy to clean.

Oh, and the graffiti look means that you'll look cool whether you're picking up something lovely like new cooking magazines or something as ordinary as toilet paper.

Stelton R-O-C-K-S!

Stephanie Dickison

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