3 Everyday Essentials from HappySocks, Enlyten & Soleo Organics

There are many things that we all need in order to get through the day - a good cuppa joe before heading out to the office, just 20 more minutes to work on an overdue report, a long hug from a good friend... you know what I mean.

I have a few things that you might just want to add to your essentials list. They've made it onto mine!

1. **Happy Socks**

Now that's it colder, I'm careful to bundle up. And more than any other time of year, I'm wearing socks to keep warm.

However, I have the saddest collection of socks - years old, they are drab and sad little monsters. When had I become so boring in my fashion sense?

That's until I found Happy Socks!

Bright, sprightly little guys that immediately made you smile and giggle, Happy Socks are a fun, affordable way to breathe life into your wardrobe!

These unisex socks are made of 80% combed cotton, 17% polyamide and 3% elastane, making them comfy and cozy, compared to those ones you got in the big bag of 12 at the department store- ech.

These high-quality socks are durable and comfortable (the toe seams are sewn by hand to guarantee a perfect fit and making sure there is no bulging happening at the toe!), as well as looking damn good!

I love how many designs there are to choose from! Stripes, polka dots, colour blocks - whatever you need, they've got 'em.

So make your socks a fun part of your wardrobe, finally, with Happy Socks!

2. **Enlyten Strips**

Gosh, with viruses swirling, the days getting darker, it's no wonder you're sluggish and weary.

But I have a quick and easy solution that you can keep right in your purse or on your desk - Enlyten Strips.

These tasty little wonders dissolve on your tongue, delivering whatever it is you need - energy, antioxidants, or perhaps sleep.

I keep them at my desk (and the melatonin one beside my bed) and whenever I need a little added oomph, I have 1-3 strips and I'm telling you - they work!

And they're affordable, too.

3. **Soleo Organics All Natural Sunscreen**

Just because it's November and it's dark out, doesn't mean you shouldn't be wearing sunscreen.

And why not use one of the best - Soleo Organics All Natural Sunscreen? It's suitable for all skin types, it has no chemical UV absorbers, titanium dioxide or synthetic preservatives.

So it's good for you, number 1.

Number 2, it doesn't leave your skin white despite it's active ingredient being zinc oxide, which means you can slather it on before heading out for the day and not look weird.

And 3, it's SPF 30+ and water resistant, so no matter what the occasion, you'll feel protected whether you're on holiday at the beach in a teeny-weeny bikini or bundled up out for a cool afternoon walk in the city.

Find a retailer near you and get Soleo Organics All Natural Sunscreen.

Stephanie Dickison

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