Liven Up Your Home Bar with VeeV, Sence and Art in the Age ROOT!

Forget the usual picks you've been getting for the last decade or two. Here are 3 completely original and superb drink finds to liven up your home bar and to help you become the envy of your friends and neighbours.


1.**VeeV Acai Spirit**

It's not often that you come across a drink that's absolutely delicious. But VeeV wowed my fella and I - so much so that we started to really look forward to cocktails before dinner every night. So much so that we kept it to ourselves for a couple of weeks. We had the one bottle, yes, but we loved it so much. It was too early to share...

We got over our greediness in just a couple of nights (filled with multiple VeeVs - it was like being in Mad Men for awhile there...) and then started inviting friends and neighbours to try it.

I told one of our friends, "This is one of the single best drinks I've ever had. You may not have the same reaction, but I'm telling you, it might just change your life."

He agreed. He asked me where to get it. He took down the name so that he could tell his wife about it.

Not only is it damn tasty with its 100% all-natural ingredients 60 proof liqueur that "mixes like vodka with a smoother finish."

Hells yeah!

Have it on its own and enjoy it's exotic blend of dark berries, or our favourite concoction - VeeV with ginger ale. I'm also dying to try the VeeV Eco Mojito, VeeV Global Cooler and Veev Acai-tini.

Why serve up regular rum and cokes when you can have the good stuff? The stuff that transforms you and has you actually enjoying your cocktail for the first time in your life?! And it's good for you - it's loaded with vitamins C & E and has "57% more antioxidants than pomegranates and 30 times more than red wine."

Veev is spectacular. And now your parties will be too!

p.s. The company donates $1 from every bottle sold to The Sustainable Acai Project.

2. **Sence Rare European Rose Nectar**

Sence is one of those staples - like capers or Moroccan tea glasses - that once you have on hand, make everything else seem extra special.

Made from the Kazanlak Rose from Bulgaria, this subtle nectar can be added to enhance your drink, both in colour and flavour. You can add some to straight up champagne or vodka, or get a little more creative with building upon the flavour with multiple ingredients.

High in Vitamin C (what other cocktail offers you vitamins?!), this little bottle offers you a distinguished drink that has a soft, romantic side.


3. **Art in the Age ROOT**

There is something so smooth, so comforting about a homemade, handcrafted root beer. There is that distinct tang of birch bark, sassafras, cardamom or root -as we have come to know it - with a swirly finish of sugarcane.

Now imagine that flavour all tangled up in an 80 proof concoction and you've got yourself one sexy mofo of a drink - ROOT. And it's Certified Organic, to boot!

Watch the video of how ROOT came to be and see that what you're not only buying alcohol, but a little bit of American history too.
Buy it, because as the company says, "You are what you drink," and because it's damn delicious!

Stephanie Dickison

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