Get A Chemex Coffee Maker and Leave the Bitterness Behind!

I have a coffee each and every day.

Sometimes two, but most definitely one. And while I would not call myself a coffee snob, I will say that the one thing I can't handle in my coffee is bitterness.

You know what I'm talking about - that sour taste in your mouth, that pang in your stomach from the acidic nightmare that you're about to encounter.

So when I heard that Chemex Coffeemakers were designed to make a mellow brew, I was pretty excited.

And then the box arrived and I unpacked the most beautiful vessel! No wonder it's in the permanent collections of the MOMA, Smithsonian and Philadelphia Museum of Art!

Not only is the top and bottom all one sexy, hourglass piece, complete with a beautiful polished wood collar and leather tie, there are no extra parts to futz with. The only addition are the high quality filters that allow you to dispose of the grounds easily.

Chemist Peter Schlumbohm created this beauty to make "clear, full-bodied coffee - free of undesirable fats, oils, sediment and most of all... bitterness."

And with the 8 Cup Classic Series that I have, Peter thoughtfully put a little glass bubble at the 4 cup mark so that I can make half or a full pot depending on how tired I am or how many morning guests we have. It's a small thing, but what a nice thing.

The first time I made coffee for my guy, he was astonished by how mellow the coffee was.

We've been having it that way every since.

Get yourself one and then get 'em as gifts. You'll be the most beloved person this holiday season.

Stephanie Dickison

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