Discover One-of-a-Kind & Limited Edition Eco-Friendly Jewelry by Mollie Dash!

It's been a busy birthday month for me.

Friends all over the world are celebrating their birthdays in October, which means I've been on the lookout for extraordinary gifts that stand out from the crowd - and yet, don't cause me to take out a loan.

I found everything I was looking for in Mollie Dash Jewelry!

What I love about it is that old world pieces have been sculpted into modern works - affordable pieces of wearable art.

Mollie Dash creates these amazing pieces from her home in Brooklyn out of "discarded, thrifted, donated, and yard sale-derived materials."

She really reduces her footprint by carefully selecting what she uses. She says:

"I prefer metal over plastic. I like to pick things up off the street. I use a minimum of new stones. I use cotton and linen cord, rather than leather. I make things last. In packaging I use a minimum of new materials. I reuse boxes and packing materials such as tissue paper, newsprint, newspaper, and magazines. I accept little packaging when I purchase my materials. I live by the credo reduce, reuse, recycle."

There are 4 collections on her website to shop from - Classic, Summer, Vintage and Sale.

I got the Limited Edition Tri-Tone Bracelet (pictured above) from the Classic Collection, which blends silver, gold and copper together. The large scalloped silver links sit on the top of your wrist while the smaller gold links are on the other side. Copper links it all together.

So amazing and original and handmade AND affordable.

Who knew jewelry could be like this?!

I think your key chain says a lot about you. I've had the same one for over a decade and was looking for a change. But it had to be something special. Really, really special.

The Limited Edition Afgani Key Chain is really something. An afghani dowry coin hangs from a vintage silver-plated chain and is connected by a handmade copper link.

Because so much of Mollie's work is one-of-a-kind and limited edition, chances are you're going to get items that few people have. Which means you'll stand out from the rest of the crowd. I got a beautiful heart key chain and gold, silver and copper necklace that aren't on the website - you'll just have to take my word of how spectacular they are.

And isn't that just kind of thing that you want not only for yourself, but as gifts for your nearest and dearest?

I suggest you bookmark this site and make it your go-to place for extraordinary birthday, anniversary, Christmas and whatever kind of presents.

I have.

I heart Mollie Dash. And I think you will too.

Stephanie Dickison

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