Brighten Up Your Day With These 3 Fab Finds From Giorgio Beverly Hills, The Green Beaver Company & St. Tropez!

It's the middle of the week, and where I am it's raining. I was thinking you might need a little boost, a little pick-me-up.

Here are some fab finds that oughtta help - enjoy!

1. **Giorgio Beverly Hills Sunshine**

Remember the 80s? Big sweaters, aqua eyeliner along the bottom of your eye and desert boots? And the Giorgio boutique in Beverly Hills was not only one of the most popular stores, but one of the most popular perfumes of its time.

And now it's been revamped for 2009 with Giorgio Beverly Hills Sunshine!

What I like most about it is that it is a warm, sunny scent that instantly makes you feel better. It really is like a boost of sunshine! And now that we're heading into November, wouldn't this be the perfect time to envelope yourself in this feminine scent of bergamot, jasmine, gardenia, tuberose, pathcouli and mmm...moss!

Get yourself some Giorgio Beverly Hills Sunshine and feel warm and sunny all winter long!

2. **The Green Beaver Company's 100% Natural Facial Cleanser**

Liven up your daily routine with this amazing cleanser that wakes you up with the refreshing scent of grapefruit!

100% Natural Facial Cleanser uses grapefruit enzyme;s to remove impurities from your skin, while aloe adds moisture and helps keep your skin soothed as does chamomile. The cleanser is suitable for sensitive skin as it does not contain harsh detergents, SLS, methyl, preservatives, artificial fragrances, dyes, petrolatum, propylene gylcol or animal products.

I use it every morning and evening - just massage onto wet skin and rinse off. It's that easy!

3. **St. Tropez Tanning**

Has your summer tan faded away much like your vacation days, the longing for homemade popsicles and short shorts?

Then it's time for Everyday Perfect Legs by St. Tropez. This dual-working tan cream allows you to get both a gradual and instant tan and makes your legs look dreamy, despite the gray days and cool weather!

It goes on extremely well and even for a beauty klutz like me, I was astounded to see a completely even tan develop before my eyes. So that means anyone can do it!

There are 2 creams - a gradual self tan and a flawless finish of instant bronze made especially for your legs. And infused with soothing aloe and a marine extract, you'll also get a good supple moisture going as well, so no dry legs this winter!

Not only is the application easy and the results incredible, but you won't find any of those cloying "tan scents" that you're used to. Their "innovative Aromaguard fragrance technology eliminates the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70% and instead gives a beautiful subtle, yet refreshing fragrance."

And to keep your skin nice and juicy this fall and winter, get yourself St. Tropez's Tan Optimizer Body Moisturizer!

It's their top tip for getting a natural looking tan (for those of you in warm places or with tanning beds - me, I'll have to wait for June to arrive). St. Tropez describes it as " packed with a luxurious blend of ingredients, to help keep your skin looking sleek, supple and hydrated every day. Essential for softening dry areas before self tan application. "

Doesn't that sound like exactly how you want to spend these colder months?

Well, that and some hot chocolate maybe...

See all that St. Tropez has to offer and look youthful and healthy this summer without any of the damage of the sun!

Stephanie Dickison

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