Books You Can Sink Your Teeth Into - Food For Fitness, Living Off the Grid & Geek Goddess!

Now that the cooler weather has arrived, I've settled in fall/winter mode - cups of tea to keep warm after dinner, cooking up a storm of comfort dishes (like meatloaf, cornish pasties and roast chicken/vegetable dinners), and hunkering down into good books that delve into subjects that might be of interest.

I thought I'd share some of the titles with you. Lemme know what you think!

**Food for Fitness by Anita Bean**

Everyone I know, it seems, is running marathons or training for something. People are reaching for their fitness goals, which I think is so fantastic. And this is just the book to go along with it.

Anita Bean's Food for Fitness gives you everything you need in order to not only be in top form, but healthy and strong as well. There is a nutrition guide, a training diet section, what to do before and after training and information about sports supplements, nutrition strategy for competitions and recipes to help you along the way. It's like having a personal trainer and nutritionist right by your side the whole way!

Anita is more than qualified to write this. She is one of the UK's top nutritionists and has written and contributed to many books on fitness and nutrition, with a specialization in sports.

And the best part? It's written and presented in a really approachable manner with tons of vibrant photos, so you don't have to feel like you've got to have a degree in kinesiology or food sciences in order to understand it.

It doesn't take long to get through and you can start implementing changes right away. Just think, you can be on your way to being healthier and more fit in just a matter of moments.

So, what are you waiting for?!

**Living Off the Grid: A Simple Guide to Creating and Maintaining a Self-Reliant Supply of Energy, Water, Shelter, and More by Dave Black**

A lot of people are leaning towards what they call "living off the grid." But how does one go about it? What's involved?

This book is a handy guide that will explain everything. Do you want to start a farm or just turn your city life into a more sustainable one? No matter what your goals and budget, you can start to live a life that doesn't contribute to global warming or adding to the current economic strife!

The author, Dave Black, is a consultant in emergency planning and disaster response so he knows whereof he speaks. He writes about shelter and energy as an expert, but in a manner that is completely understandable. He explains water and waste in a way that will have you explaining it to others and even includes case studies in the book to give you a real look at how people are making the transition.

He walks you through every step of the way with confidence, but never talks down to the reader. He patiently describes every thing and thanks to this and the layout of the book, it makes it all seem extremely manageable. You will finally understand conservation, energy yse, water systems, shelter systems and self-sufficiency. And if you get stuck, there is a huge glossary at the back to help you navigate your way through terms like accumulator, gray water and R-value.

And he explains how you can go from doing small, manageable things right now like adding more insulation to your home to lower utility bills and use less energy to bigger projects such as building an eco-friendly log cabin!

So, if you've ever considered living off the grid, you really should read this book. And if your only concern is reducing your footprint within the home you currently have, the suggestions here within are worth the affordable price of the book!

**How to be a Geek Goddess: Practical Advice for Using Computers with Smarts and Style by Christina Tynan-Wood**

Author Christina Tynan-Wood says, "I decided to write this book so that I could answer the questions my girlfriends asked me about technology at once. Women are working, raising kids, taking care of parents, and running businesses as well as home. They need time-saving and organizing tools, but they also need to grasp technology in order to help their kids navigate it."

Pretty great idea, don't you think? And talk about filling a void!

She discusses whether to buy a PC or Mac and then exactly how to go about it (consider RAM, hard drive, monitor, etc). Step-by-step.


She talks tech in a simple way so that you get it and explains backups and includes screenshots so you know what to look for.

She does girly things like tells you where to get pretty wallpaper and how to shop online, but also fills you in on setting up your home internet and going wireless (your computer, not your bra, but hey, that's not a bad idea... ). She even touches on accessories like digital cameras and radio, which is nice. And there is a huge last chapter dedicated to love online, which you may or may not want/need.

So basically, if you're of the feminine persuasion and you need help navigating your way around your computer - on and offline - this is the book for you.

Guys, you can read it too. But be prepared for some talk off shoes and purses between advice about ethernet and email!

Stephanie Dickison

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