Trick Out Your Tech With These Amazing Finds From USBCELL, Proporta, Fun Photo CD, iStik, BeAnywhere and v-moda!

I bet we are both on our computer all the live long day.

Me, I'm writing about celebrities and what chemicals are in an every day bar of soap while you may be compiling real estate reports or figuring out the latest way to market homemade beer.

Either way, our computers and our technology have become what we live and breathe by, whether we want to or not. So I have combed the globe in order to discover fabulous products that will help us in our every day technology-ridden lives.

Come and see what I've found:

**USBCELL USB Rechargable Batteries**

How cool is this?!

There is no charger, you can reuse these batteries hundreds of times, saving you time, money and energy ("Honey, did you buy batteries? The remote isn't working again!"), not to mention the planet (no c02 and toxic waste).

You recharge them by slipping them into any USB port for a mere 5 hours. No charger, no having to run out to the store, no stress.

Ahhh... doesn't that feel good!

And the AA Batteries - 2 cell pack - is incredibly affordable. Just think about how much use you're going to get out of these puppies!

In fact, you may just want to buy the Gift Box of 10 USBCELL packs (2xAAs) and stock up for the upcoming season... digital camera, mouse, TV remotes, toys, etc.

These are one of the most incredible products I've ever come across.

**Proporta Apple 4G iPod Nano Soft Feel Silicone Case**

I love Proporta because they always have everything you could possibly need for whatever device you may have. I wrote about their incredible selection back in 2007 and 2008 and again, I've found that they always have the latest and greatest products.

Take the Proporta Apple 4G iPod Nano Soft Feel Silicone Case, for example. It gives you double layered protection without any bulk and an incredibly soft feel that is so much nicer than something hard and pokey in your purse or pocket.

Technology doesn't have to be hard to the touch. At least, not anymore thanks to Proporta.

Check out their whole line and get the look and feel you want for your gadgets.

**Fun Photo CD**

Digital pictures are sooo cumbersome.

My hard drive is full of 'em, and while I have a ton of great stuff to look at, I spend so much time on my computer that the last thing I'm going to do is sit and scroll through hundreds (perhaps thousands) of photos.

That's why Fun Photo CD is a brilliant idea. It is a pocket-size, portable slideshow that you can carry with you or send to friends and family!

There is no software to install, no programming to learn because this mini CD has everything embedded right on it. All you have to do is:

- insert the mini-CD into your CD drive
- click “Add Photos”
- arrange photos by pushing the up or down button (you can choose up to 200!)
- add your own captions and music (or choose from the four music selections already included)

The Fun Photo CD automatically turns your photos into a slide show!

You can select one of 8 themes (Our Wedding, Our Vacation, etc.) or buy it blank. Each CD comes with a self-stick CD holders that can attach to any standard greeting card.

I think this means we both just got our Christmas list started, doesn't it?

Contact Fun Photo CD for where to buy them in your area.

**iStik iPod Accessories**

When listening to your music, you want to be hands-free.

That's why the iStik is a musthave item for anyone who likes to shop, workout, run, walk, dance, work, sew, whatever, while they listen to their tunes.

Using 8 high-tech Neodymium magnets, a strong hold is created allowing you to fasten the crystal clear plastic case securely in place where you like - on your tank top or t-shirt, on your yoga pants waistband, wherever it best and most comfortable for you!

This amazingly innovative product allows you to access all of the controls without any annoying straps or clips to deal with.

You can even use it as a stand for watching videos on your Nano!

There is a style for everyone.

Buy it online or at a retail store near you.

**BeAnywhere Remote Access**

If you travel at all, or like to work away from your home computer, this is a freakin' godsend.

You'll wonder where it's been all of your life.


As long as you leave your computer on, you can see and control your PC screen, even if you are halfway across the globe! You can:

- access your email, applications and files from anywhere using your own home computer and this amazing device!

- share files with your friends and family. There is no need to upload and for once, you've got the unlimited storage space you've always dreamed of. Finally, you can email files of any size without worries!

- transfer files between 2 computers safely and easily (which you know you're going to have to do after trying to file a story in an internet cafe in the Dominican Republic). Copy files and entire folders between your local and remote PC. Need that expense report from 2008? Done. Want to get an address of an old college friend while you're in their hometown? Easy! Wherever you go, your files will be just a click away.

- Synchronize files between your local and remote computers with just one click. Did you just make changes to something here in Boston while your home computer is in Tokyo? No problemo! Everything will be all nicely synced both while you're on the road and when you get back home. Oh-Mawh-Gawd!

Buy BeAnywhere Remote Access and effortlessly live and work and travel without worry.

It will change your life!

**v-moda vibe ii w/ mic**

v-moda is one of those amazing companies that makes products that look as good as they sound!

I wrote about their metallic red beauties back in '07 and the vibe blush in '08.

Not only do v-moda earphones offer extraordinary sound and comfort, they look cool too!

And it continues with their latest offering, the v-moda vibe ii w/ mic.

There is nothing these don't have. Check it out!

No only do they have:

- premium stainless steel alloy and Kevlar reinforced woven fabric cables

- v-moda's world-renowned hi-definition sound

- BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) noise-isolation

- ergonomic detachable sport earhooks with ACTIVE FLEX making them as movable as you are

- a discrete microphone

- convenient call/music control functions for use with the iPhone/iPod and other music enabled phones (such as the Blackberry Bold, Curve, and Storm), so finally you can listen to music, switch to picking up a call, and then effortlessly go back to jamming to your playlist.

- Do you flail your arms while you're dancing to your favourite tunes? Well, don't stop, because the newly fabricated plug features "a 45-degree flexible design to allow an optimal range of motion while maintaining a sleek, sturdy metallic core and 24-carat gold-plated plug." So do the Superman, the Scuba Hop, the 2-step, or simply pop and lock your way thru your favourite song without having to worry about the cord.

Woo woo!

And of course, you can't discuss any v-moda earphones without covering how amazing the sound is. With the vibe ii with microphone, they've add an all new V-MASQUE dynamic driver which boasts an "unparalleled high-definition, 3D soundstage, invoking the sense of a live music experience through its vibrant bass, vivid mid-range, and vivacious highs."

And as always with v-moda, you'll get 4 pairs of both black and clear silicone fittings (XS, S, M, L), so that you get the fit that's right for you and there's a 1 year premier warranty, designer carrying case and VIP card to boot.

Pick your colour, buy 'em now and rock your heart out!

I love you, v-moda!

Stephanie Dickison

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