Make a Statement This Fall With Batucada Jewelry

Looking for statement jewelry that will stop people in their tracks, but doesn't cost a fortune?

Batucada Jewelry has the most original bracelets, necklaces around that are made out of an eco plastic, a synthetic rubber that is eco-friendly and long-lasting!

What is amazing about this jewelry is how stunning it looks, due to the intricate designs available and the tattoo-ish look it creates. It is also incredibly light to wear, unlike those metal cuffs you've be donning all of these years and that statement necklace you bought that weighs a ton.

Just look at all the designs available - and at these prices, you can get a couple of pieces. For you AND a friend!

I got the Tropical Drops Bracelet in Black and EVERY TIME I WEAR IT, someone stops me to tell me how much they love it, where did I get it, etc.

This is the kind of reaction you want, isn't it?

Make your own statement this fall with Batucada Jewelry.

Stephanie Dickison

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