Luxuriate in New Scents for Fall with Ormonde Jayne!

Now this right here is luxurious.

Ormonde Jayne Perfumes come in the most beautiful packaging.

And this is all before you've even got a whiff of the stuff!

The exquisite black lacquered, mandarin-style Sample Programme box slides open with a slight whoosh. Underneath a gold panel awaits 2ml perfumes that have been created using "specialty oils not widely used." These oils come from around the world - Madagascar, Morocco - and then compounded and matured in Ormond Jayne's London laboratory, headed by creator Linda Pilkington:

"In creating Ormonde Jayne, my goal was to combine elements which I consider define true elegance: the quality of English craftsmanship, the art of French perfumery and the sensuality and natural harmony of the Orient."

Each fragrance has its own distinct personality.

Osmanthus is a heady, slightly sweet floral mixture that is feminine and light, while Frangipani is a melange of summer scents - dewy grass, fresh flowers and sunshine.

Sampaquita is like nothing I've ever encountered before (maybe because it's the national flower of the Phillipines), bu it is undeniably intoxicating. Read Linda's explanation of the scent, as I just won't do it justice. Champaca is unbelievably delicate with a slight smokiness that surprises and delights.
Taif is a damask rose from Arabia is sexy and peppery. It smells like a moonlit walk on a boardwalk. And while Tolu doesn't have an ounce of musk in it, it has that earthy, woody vibe to it that I love about musks - it must be the golden frankincense, amber and orange blossom in it.

Orris Noir is a tricky one to describe. Even Ormonde Jayne says so!

Ormonde Jayne's signature scents, Ormonde Woman and Ormonde Man have one surprising ingredient in common - black hemlock! It gives them each an distinct fragrance that is captivating, yet completely original. It is like they were created in another century and captured in tiny bottles for us to enjoy.

Isfarkand and Zizan are for the gentlemen of the house and are nothing like what your guys are currently rockin' from the drugstore. Zizan is lemony and fresh with a sexy edge while Isfarkand is slightly more peppery, with that confident-man-in-a-suit zeal.

What makes Ormonde Jayne's fragrances different than the rest? Absolutely everything, as far as my sniffer can tell.

What a unique and fabulous gift, wouldn't you say?!

Stephanie Dickison

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