Get Fit - Finally! - For Fall with Gymboss, Phubby and JumpSnap

Now that the weather is cooler, there's no excuse that it's too hot to exercise.

But where I live it gets really cool. So cool, you want to wear a scarf every time you return a DVD or pop out to the grocery store.

Either way, the conditions are never perfect for getting back in shape. There's all of this work to do and it seems that everyone's busiest season is September to December...

However, since having recently lost a few pounds, I want to make sure that I keep them off - and maybe even lose a few more.

Or at least, tone up and get into even better shape. So I went in search of some things that would get me fit but be fun too!

Here's what I found:

**Gymboss Interval Timer**

Whether you're into running, cardio or kickboxing, the Gymboss Interval Timer is an essential tool to keeping your workouts consistent and at a level that keeps you fit and not just going through the motions (which, come on, let's face it, happens all the time). So jump rope and then lift weights, or Tae Bo and then go for a run - this little gadget will make sure you're in fine form. Think of it like a little mini trainer without the hefty cost or all that yelling!

It's the size of a small pager and clips to your clothing, so you don't have to lug anything big around. It takes 1 AAA battery and is water and shock resistant, which means it will work whether you're doing jumping jacks or sprints at the local school track.

And you can totally customize it to what you need, so use one or two different time intervals from 2 seconds to 99 minutes. You can make it repeat intervals so you can set up a routine and stick to it! You can set up to 99 rounds, so go crazy!

There is also a manual mode, which acts as a countdown timer (good when you're trying to get through all of those sit-ups!) and a stopwatch.

You can choose to have the alarm beep, vibrate or both for 1, 5 or 10 seconds.

And that's what I like most about the Gymboss - it customizes to your workout, your style and can change when you change.

Which is a lot more than I can say about that guy at the gym in the velour sweatsuit that's been doing the same medicine ball workout since 1973.


I don't think I've ever had workout gear that has had pockets.

And when I work out at the gym, I've got my jump rope, mp3 player, cellphone, locker key, a bottle of water and a towel. If you're out for a run or just tossing a frisbee around, you've got to take at least your keys, phone and maybe your wallet with you.

So that's where the Phubby comes in. It's a wrist pocket that will hold your keys, debit card or whatever else you need to keep on hand while you are active.

The lycra/spandex material is incredibly lightweight, comfortable and stretchy and allows you to feel your phone vibrate without disturbing others or having to search around your bag while your phone rings incessantly!

Phubby comes in a bunch of colours and patterns and comes in 3 sizes - small, medium and large.

You'll never have to worry about a missed call again!

**JumpSnap Ropeless Jump Rope**

I loooove to jump rope or skip.

Maybe it harkens back to public school, but I think it's more of a Rocky thing for me.

Nonetheless, I really love it and it's a fantastic way to lose weight and get in shape. The only thing is that I live above someone, so I don't want to be jumping up and down in case it disturbs them.

That's why I love my JumpSnap. No matter where you are or how little room you have, you can skip to your heart's content!

The JumpSnap Individual Package includes the amazing ropeless JumpSnap that can caculate how long and the number of jumps you take, along with a reading of the approximate calories you burned while jumping (you put in your height and weight and the device does the rest!).

You can set a target amount of jumps or a time limite so that the unit beeps when you've reached your goal and use the stop watch setting for individual sessions and workouts. You can also get it to tell you your workout summart with the "auto/manual talking mode"!

And because you might not be used to jumping without a rope (!!!), you can set a snapping sound to help you maintain a rhythm while jumping.

But you'd be amazed at how easy it is just making the motions with just the handles.

And speaking of the handles, they are ergonomically designed (comfy) and come with insertable weights, which will help work on your upper body while you're doing crossovers and jumps with your feet!

The JumpSnap takes just 2 AAA batteries (included) and the Individual Package includes an Eat Smart Guide, JumpSnap 4-in-1 Workout DVD, mesh travel bag and a 30-Day money back guarantee.

There are a number of different packages to get, but whatever one you choose, I think you're going to have a ton of fun jumping without a rope!

Stephanie Dickison

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