A Note of Thanks from Publisher & Editor Stephanie Dickison

To My Lovely Readers,

We're coming up to our 3 year anniversary here at the knack (August 20th) and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, my loyal and faithful readers, for sticking by me all of this time.

This continues to be personal project for me (read: no employees, just me) and I am grateful to you for your support.

Quite often, I have covered products and services that months later show up on popular blogs and websites and in mainstream magazines. I'm not always first, but often.

I strive to find interesting, functional and worthy products that will excite you each and every day. Occasionally I will cover something that you've heard of because it's that good, but mostly I want to introduce you to the most amazing stuff you've never heard of.

So while this might not be the biggest or most popular blog out there, I am dedicated to making it fun and exciting each and every day. Thank you for joining me.

Many thanks, warmest wishes and big, big hugs,

Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Editor - the knack

Stephanie Dickison

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