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I think that these days it's all about looking good for less, giving gifts that are meaningful (not to mention rockin'!) but don't cost a fortune. We've all had to tighten our belts, so I wanted to share some great finds that look - and feel - good, but don't have you eating plain pasta all week as a result.

And keep in mind, not only are these great finds for yourself, but they make good gifts too!

The Global Collection: Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique Hotel Directory

Boutique hotels are not just for the elite - you can revel in the very best and unique hotels in the world too, thanks to the incredible book, The Global Shortlist: Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique Hotel Collection.

It takes you into the coolest spots around the world - Grenada, South Africa, Thailand, Spain and more.

These hotels were picked for their uniqueness, their look and their atmosphere as well as their amenities. And the wow factor is huge. Take for example the Blancaneaux Lodge in Belize. I'm not much for lodges, but this is no country place. As described in the book:

"Our home for the weekend, built from local hardwoods and topped with shaggy palm thatch, like a treehouse perched on the hillside. Inside it's as colourful as the orioles that flit around the roof. Striped woven hangings, which dangle down rough white wall, are echoed by the huge rugs and vivid bedspread. It's the yellow and black carvings of beady-eyed jaguars skulking in the corners that give the space its real character, though. This is laid-back living, where sun-warmed breeze wafts through open doors and windows, softly blowing the fresh flowers on tables, and bringing in the scent of pine."


Even if you can't afford to go, isn't it kind of a little get away in of itself just reading that passage?

That's what I love about The Global Shortlist - with rapt descriptions and evocative photos, you can travel to incredible destinations without leaving your living room.

Of course, after reading this puppy, you're going to have your travel plans down pat for at least the next 5 years. And Mr & Mrs Smith not only tell you where to go but which room to ask for. And they know this because they send an anonymous couple to tell the tale (in first person, no less).

This is one of the savviest, most rockin' guide books I've ever seen. Not only should you get yourself one, but load up and make it the best Christmas present that your friends and family will get this year.

That's what I'm going to do, anyway.

Peteroa 9500 Soft Taste Water

Okay, I know that you're thinking - "You're recommending water?"

Yep. Because it's nothing like what you're getting from the tap. This is sodium free, artesian natural water from the Chilean Andes. This is water that is not only refreshing, but quenching. This is what you wish your water tasted like on a daily basis.

That's why Peteroa 9500 is special. It is water that seems to softly glide across your tongue, that seems to hydrate you more than "regular" water. It seems other-worldly.

See why it makes a nice gift for someone or a nice treat for yourself? And it won't cost you as much as a bottle of champagne.

At, you can get fantastic accessories that look like a million bucks, but are actually incredibly affordable.

Update your wardrobe with a fresh and sassy handbag, like the faux-leather (read: animal friendly) Rainbow Bright. This fun bag looks much more expensive than it's reasonable price tag. And the taffy coloured stripes in pink, purple, tangerine and lemon is a welcome change from that solid purse you've been lugging around for way too long. You can switch up the way you carry it with tthe adjustable shoulder strap or solid purple handles. This is a bag that will take you from day to night with ease and style, but be warned: it WILL get you noticed! And yes, it will hold everything you need. I stuffed it with all the gear I tote around with me and I still had room to spare.

Want the bling without the hefty bill afterward? Get yourself some of Donnaliza's rockin' jewelry that looks like the real thing - and only you will know you paid an insanely low price for it.

Earrings that dazzle are easily found here. Check out the Peridot Oval Ovation Earrings that I got. Don't they look red carpet worthy? So, the "diamonds" are cubic zirconia. They look amazing and those small gold ovals? They're real 14Kt gold and that's a real Peridot stone, so they are essentially mostly real. But who cares - they're going to rock the joint - and whatever dress you pair 'em with!

And because I love to wear statement rings, I couldn't resist the ones here. So many to choose from!

I have always wanted a diamond-y light gold band, but for the look, not the insane price. So thanks to wonderful, I got myself the Champagne Eternity Ring that is real 14 Kt gold and is adorned with two rows of pretty cubic zirconias. It looks just like it came from Birks, folks. It absolutely looks like the real deal. And all for only $20!!!

And for something a little different, try on the Tinseltown Turquoise Ring for size. This fabulous find is completely unique (every time I wear it, someone stops and asks me about it!).
Black-veined, faux turquoise is showcase in bands of clear CZs and set in a rhodium-plated silver tone. Seeing how turquoise is THE stone of the season and this ring is completely unique and under $30, you may want to consider getting a bunch of 'em. is my go-to jeweler from now on. With these fab looks and prices, I can look fabulous and still have money left over to actually do stuff.

The best of both worlds, if you ask me.

Stephanie Dickison

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