Fantastic Greeting Card Round Up - Give The Pefect Card From Now On!

September to November are busy birthday months for me. And 5 people I know moved in the last 2 months. That doesn't even include anniversaries, every day notes, etc.

So I went in search of great cards - ones that are memorable and unique. Here are the spectacular ones I found.

This oughtta get me through September anyway...

Egg Press

I have written about Egg Press before because this team of great folks always creates cards that are fun and colourful and full of whimsy.

Whether you're sending out a note of congrats, thanks or birthday wishes, Egg Press will have a card to suite the occasion - and recipient.

I can always count on Egg Press cards. And when you've got a bunch of occasions that you want to honour in style, that's a pretty great thing, wouldn't you say?


Tara Hogan, creator, illustrator and designer of INK + WIT makes cards that are beautifully simple - chic and modern with a nod to the past - and very carefully produced. Every paper product is letterpressed and offset printed on 100% cotton paper (made from tree free fibers) as well as on "100% post consumer recycled paper. The soy and water based ink further reduces the environmental footprint.

I love the urban feel of this thank you card - perfect for that afternoon you spent at your friend's place last Sunday for brunch or for your neighbour who generously offered you the butter you so desperately needed for that recipe.

These everyday postcards are a great excuse to drop a note in the mail to someone you're thinking of and I attach the mini notes to gifts I'm giving. I like to put a little note in with a present to give it that extra personal touch.

INK + WIT offers thick, quality cards that are well designed, whether you customize them or buy readymade. Either way, you're going to be thrilled, as will the person who receives them.

Jumping Cracker Beans

Many cards rely on 2D images and illustrations. Not Jumping Cracker Beans.

They use real eye-catching items such as REAL Fender guitar picks, poker chips, confetti, toothpicks, spices, bandages... even underwear elastic!

Their Parsley, Sage, Rosemary card features bags of the spices, and inside it reads, "Let's get together if you have the thyme."

A little hokey, but sweet, right?

And for the upcoming holidays, you've got to try their White Christmas Starter Kit. Just add water to this packet of white powder and see the snow develop before your own eyes. As long as you keep it moist, the snow stays. Isn't that amazing? You should get your Christmas & Holiday cards here this year - just imagine the fun people will have with their own snow!!
Jumping Cracker Beans are truly original cards that will be long remembered after the party and celebration.

Mean Cards

I like to think of myself as a gentle soul, but I can't help but love the prickly commentary that Mean Cards offers.

I mean, A Lot of Us Think You're Faking - how does one go about giving that to someone? And Crying Means You're Weak? Doesn't that kind of add to the blow? (Talk about a blow, see how creator Julianna started these things. It's a great story - and thankfully, one with a happy ending)

But You're My Second-Best Friend, I Have Blackmail Information on You and Balls are Funny caused escapes of tee-hees and guffaws to anyone I showed them too.

Maybe giving someone You Made a Fool of Yourself Last Night will help make light of the night before's events and You Don't Look Much Older will be perfect for that guy with the wicked sense of humour.

It's worth a shot. These cards are damn original and no one will ever forget you giving one to them.


R. Nichols Stationery

Silhouettes are fascinating to me, because you can kind of impose your own characteristics upon them.

Designer and illustrator R. Nichols has created a cast of compelling characters and images to share with friends, family and associates.

The Bath depicts a lady lounging in the tub after what seems like a long, hard day (isn't that often the only time we linger in the bath?). And for those of you who can't get enough of your yoga classes (Vawn!!), Yoga is the perfect card.

To send out an invite or thank someone for coming to your rooftop gathering, Latern Party is a must!

If you're a lover of nature and the outdoors, Forsythia, Flowerbed and Bee & Flower are natural choices. And for the sea lover in you, Aqaurium and Seahorse are awfully cute (be sure to check out the awesome Puffer Fish, Seahorse, Crab and School of Fish Magnets too!)

The thin, angular characters that live in R. Nichols Stationery are utterly charming and depict people and situations that you can relate to.

And in this day and age, isn't that just about the best damn thing?!

Stephanie Dickison

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