Cali Bowl - Your Food Stays In the Bowl. Finally!

If you're a food hound like I am, you spend evenings and weekends concocting new recipes and searching out great new foods to try on friends and family.

At a recent gathering at our place, I had finally made an astounding guacamole (after 5 attempts at "just okay" versions) - only to have everyone spill it out onto the table, instead of onto their salty, lime tortilla chips.

Sigh. All that work down the drain!

Well, no longer, thanks to the Cali Bowl.

Their bowls have been designed to keep your food in the bowl - which, while not a huge deal, does make a difference in instances like this. Like when you're eating rice or noodles with chopsticks, or you're having cereal or soup and you want to get that laaaast bit...

That lip that creator Jeff Bollengier came up with keeps your food in the bowl no matter how much you push it around. Which as you know, when you're cooking and/or eating, helps A LOT!

The bowl is made out of polypropylene, a sturdy but not heavy plastic polymer (and some recycled materials) that has stood up to my whisking, beating, folding, whipping, scrambling without one ounce of a complaint.

There are kid and adult versions to choose from, but nothing says you can't use a kid's bowl for your artichoke dip. In fact, I'm using the Suction Bowl to create dips and then store them with their lid in the fridge. I take it from the counter to the table and then back to the fridge - all in one container.

Complete bliss.

And I like having brightly coloured bowls of varying sizes to choose from. They stack well in the cupboard and are so great to just grab when prepping a meal.

Whether it's a dinner party for eight or a casual lunch for one, the CaliBowl really comes in handy.

Stephanie Dickison

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