Smith's the Edge Experts - Knive & Scissors Sharpeners for Your Home & Kitchen!

If you are in the kitchen at all, you know the value of a good knife.

A sharp knife.

I'm sure you've been to houses where their chef's knife is as sharp as their butter knife.

This is no way to live.

That's why I am sooo excited about the amazing collection of knife sharpeners from Smith's!

Not only do they offer sharpening for every knife in your drawer, but in a variety of ways as well - so whether you are left-handed with mostly santoku knives or right-handed with a butcher's block full of cleavers, Smith's has something just for you.

I love their attention to detail in this regard because not every tool is for everyone. You might want something heavy that sits on the countertop, while I want a light sharpening rod that suits my entire knife collection.

They have electric sharpeners, manual sharpeners and accessories and replacement parts to choose from.

Check out the super beautiful Diamond Edge Gourmet Electric Knife & Scissors Sharpener! This bad boy does it all and with absolutely no effort required by you! The interlocking diamond wheels and scissors sharpener will go to work on both straight and serrated blades and sharpen most household scissors.

I love the style and look of it and that you can just slip your knife or scissors in for a guaranteed factory edge result each and every time. And you never have to worry about it scratching, maring or de-tempering your blade.

I think this is a fantastic gift for a wedding, housewarming or for the aspiring chef or experienced gourmand in your life. In fact, every household should have one of these, don't you think?

And if that is too big or too much, maybe a manual sharpener is more your thing.

If you like to pull your knife through the sharpener, there's the lovely and easy Ceramic Pull-Thru that does both straight and serrated edges. And if you love your Santoku, get the Santoku Pull-Thru to keep your knife at its best! And check out the features on the Carbide/Ceramic Pull-Thru - it will do all those knives in your drawer.

The EdgeGrip 2-Step Sharpener is not only small and versatile, it is less than $6! What a bargain!

If you are old school and prefer to use a sharpening rod, Smith's has got you covered - just look at their swank 10" Oval Diamond Knife Sharpening Rod and 9" Oval Ceramic Sharpening Rod. These are what professional chefs use and I've gotta tell you, this quality at these prices? Unbelievable! You may want to get some as gifts for friends and family.

And for those of you that like to keep your scissors ready for anything, the V-Slot 10 Second Knife & Scissors Sharpener is fast and easy, and the Counter Safe Deluxe Knife & Scissors Sharpener is a nice, sturdy handheld that won't slip while in use.

I really think that these wonderfully professional, easy to use and completely affordable sharpeners from Smith's are a fantastic resource for every household.

No wonder they're called the edge experts!

Stephanie Dickison

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